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1 minute ago, KerbalKore said:

have you considered firing the ones who sold you those SRBs?

Firing would be appropriate for a normal director, but ZWSA is not so lenient.

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Za Warudo Space Agency Day 15 - Day 27




Bill knew there were some questions that may never be answered. What did Minimus taste like? When would the Kraken come back to punish the Kerbals for all their sins. Why did Dio Kerman convert the VAB storage unit into a dungeon? Why were there muffled screams coming from the newly appeared "Mystery Goo" containers, and who would be next? All Bill knew was that it was better to not ask questions that wouldn't be answered, but rather focus on the task at hand. After the last engineering head had disappeared in the night, BIll received an impromptu promotion and directive.

"Get this useless space program back on track so I don't have to spend one extra second on this minute green rock."

Perhaps Dio was the Kraken incarnate. While Dio Kerman had the body of Kerbal, his hair was tendrilled mass of golden locks, reminiscent of the yellow-green depictions that Bill had grown up with in Khurch. Kraken or not, Dio was not going to "take failure on the nose," whatever that was.

Acting cautiously, Bill revised the stand inclination and pre-flight checklist for the next set of sounding rockets, making sure that Hermit Purple 3 and 4 accomplished their goals. While Hermit Purple 3 failed to reach the desired altitudes, the team was able to recover the capsule. Hermit Purple 4 was a complete success.




For the Oingo-Boingo, Bill had the Viklun engines installed onto an adapter plate, to avoid the heating anomaly of the earlier flights. He also replaced the dual Alpha engines with single new Alphastar engine. While the upper stage had a lower TWR, the increased efficiency improved the margins for the orbiter mission, and made it possible for a third stage to be added for a Mun flyby. After a test stand confirmed the engine's viability, the Oingo-Boingo 2 was ready:




The Kraken gave BIll a reprieve that day. The rocket launch went off without a hitch. Both stages ignited successfully, and the OB1 satellite was placed into an equatorial orbit, collecting radiation and micrometeorite data.


With everything swimming, Dio announced further goals to the public. Probes to be sent around the Mun and even Minimus! A plane that would break the sound barrier! Cans of "Mystery Goo" to be launched into space, and optionally returned to Kerbin. The mad rush of funds gave the Agency the opportunity to revamp most of its major facilities, paving the way for the next wave of launchings

These were exciting times indeed...

Summary: 2 Successes, 1 Partial Success,  and 1 Stand Test. No additional cans of "Mystery Goo."

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Agencia Espacial Kanada through Day 32


To be sure, we are behind, and will be behind for some time in manned flight. But we do not intend to stay behind and in this month we will make up, and move ahead.
- - John F. Kerman, Year 01 Day 32


Day 25: Upgraded Launch Pad to Level 2, Tracking Station to Level 2 shortly afterward

Day 26: Mystery Goo low space and Sub-Orbital Recovery (milestone)

Day 28: Mystery Goo high atmosphere

Day 31/32: Basic Science and The Science Dance(tm). Made inroads to Tier 5!

This is a rather conservative playthrough, but the lives of kerbals are at stake.


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Do you intend to do LES testing manned or unmanned? I just didn’t test my LES.

also join the discord

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Rumour has it that the DNRA is gearing up for a mun shot...


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Notebook Space Program: Days 46-66




On day 51, the Onwards 1 was launched on another fairly jank rocket.



The probe then fired its engines and flew to the mun!


And then entered orbit, surprisingly! Unfortunately I can't get the achievement for it yet because I have to flyby, then impact, then orbit I think... But it's still a good accomplishment!

Unfortunately, I time warped without starting to build another rocket, so I wasted like 5 days. Grr.

Nevertheless, on day 62, Onwards 2 was launched, I think it might have been exactly the same.



This one impacted the Mun.

Our next contract specified returning something from orbit, so Downwards 1 was built.



It was basically the launch vehicle from Onwards 1-2 but with a re-entry thing instead of a Mun probe.


Re-entry went surprisingly well, but harsher than a normal re-entry, as to be expected in JNSQ.


Landing was successful!

I think that's 10 milestones now, 3 new ones. Return from orbit, mun flyby, mun impact, although I may be wrong.











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And then entered orbit, surprisingly! Unfortunately I can't get the achievement for it yet because I have to flyby, then impact, then orbit I think... But it's still a good accomplishment!

@Ultimate Steve The linearity of the contracts one of the things that unfortunately makes Career Evolution show its age and origins as the "proto-RP-0" contract pack.  Thankfully Pap fixed that in RP-0 and RP-1, so you can accept missions for all three (flyby, impact, and orbit) at the same time and potentially complete them with the same craft.

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Agencia Espacial Kanada through Day 35:


However, I think we're going to do it. And I think we need to pay what needs to be paid. I don't think we oughta waste any money, but I think we oughta do the job.
- - John F. Kerman, Year 1, Day 35

This'll be jus' like watchin' Chris Kerman break th' sound barrier!

Um, hoser… it is watchin' Chris Kerman break th' sound barrier.

*snort* oh, duh... sorry, eh?


Day 33: Chris Kerman breaks the sound barrier (milestone)

Day 34 Hour 11: First orbit (!) (milestone), first satellite (milestone), first relay, and lots of renovations under way



Edited by Gordon Fecyk
Marking milestones

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Genesis Supersonic test was launched on D44 with a crew, to send a Kerbal past the speed of sound, catching up to the other agencies in Kerbed flight. the flight was a success.


Ark 3 was launched on a Bossart-Belle B, on D45 to impact the Mun after Ark 2's flyby.


It was a great success, returning oodles of data to be pored over by scientists.


While Ark 3 was in transit, on D47, LaserScan was launched on a Fenris-Burner 1 into a polar orbit.


It acted as both a low orbit relay, and took an altimetry map of Kerbin.


Korona 1 was launched on a Chryslus-Vicenza, on D50 to take spy imagery calibration photos and return them to Kerbin. It barely made orbit, but it was a success nonetheless.


Genesis High Altitude Test was launched on D53, to test the cabin pressurization systems and send a Kerbal to the edge of space. It went to 40 km, and returned safely.


KerbWatch was launched on a Chryslus IVA, on D55 to return orbital data of Kerbin, but it was unable to transmit data. The cause was determined to be the lack of high gain communication equipment on the satellite. 


Genesis 1 carried Enfrod Kerman to space and back. It was launched on an uprated Fenris Ballistic Missile,on D56 and reached an altitude of ~140 km on a suborbital trajectory.



The capsule was an odd design, with the engines facing backwards. This disoriented the pilot however, and will be changed on Genesis 2.


Genesis 2 was launched on a Prometheus 1 ICBM, but with an RB-1E471 "Cordele" instead of the LR8703-367 "Perses", enabling it to go all the way to orbit.


Ascent went smoothly, and G-Force peaked at 4 G's.


Orbit was achieved, but battery went down far quicker than expected. (TACLS)


The mission was cut short at just MET 4 hours and 30 minutes.


Enfrod landed safely, and was celebrated world wide.


Kerbwatch V2 was similar to V1, but beefed up and launched to a geostationary orbit.


Ark 4 was launched on D69, on a Bossart-Vejur with a modified Belle B third stage.


It took this photo while on its way to the Mun.


This one was taken during descent.


It landed safely on D75, despite losing a solar panel.




MunaScan was launched while Ark 4 was in transit, on D70, on a Bossart LV3-C. the launch was also a test of the cryogenic Inon-D stage.


It arrived in Polar Mun orbit on D81 and began mapping the Mun.

First Supersonic Kerbal (Third technically iirc)

First Upper Atmosphere Kerbal

First Suborbital Kerbal

First Orbital Kerbal

First Geostationary Satellite

First Polar Satellite 

First Mun Polar Satellite

First Mun Mapping Satellite

First Kerbin Mapping Satellite

First Mun Impactor

First Mun Orbiter

First Mun Lander






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Also, I just realized Gordon has been doing the stock contracts as well. I disabled them at the start, were we supposed to do them as well? If yes, I guess I’ve been challenging myself more unintentionally.

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Laythe Initiative, D81-D96




Explorer 1 was launched on a Bossart SLV-3, on D81, to flyby, orbit, and impact Minmus.


The launch was flawless, with the Bossart inserting it into orbit without using any of the Belle's fuel.


Trans-Minmus Injection was flawless as well.


Coast phase was uneventful, but got this amazing picture.


After Minmus SOI entry, a camera attached to the Gamma-Ray Spectrometer took the first space selfie.


The trajectory was plotted, and operations commenced.


Photo taken during coast to deorbit.


T-0:1:02:42 to impact.


Impact. A great success, returning large amounts of science.


On D89, Tribute 1 was launched on a converted Prometheus II ICBM, designated Prometheus II(23)G.


Ascent and insertion went smoothly, but after separation from the upper stage, contact was lost.


Once Tribute 1 achieved orbit, Genesis 3 was launched on a specially designed (for the Genesis program) Launch Vehicle. Its crew was Desald and Lanman Kerman.


Its "Vejur Heavy" Upper stage used a single Bossart-IE-105 "Vulture", used as the sustainer in Bossarts, instead of the usual Vejur-E78 "Decker." The craft made extensive use of Bossart hardware, with the SM main engines being 4 of the Bossart-IE-101 "Crow", used as a vernier on the Bossart.


Photo taken by Desald Kerman.


Docking with Tribute 1 was achieved after a long and grueling process. Once they came within visual range, they noticed Tribute 1 was slowly spinning. This made docking a pain, but it eventually worked.


Data was retrieved from the magnetometer and imaging system, but an EVA had to be performed to enter the station. After half an orbit and 4 EVAs, the decision was made to deorbit and abandon the station due to the design flaws and lack of control.


The crew was recovered safely.


The Ultra-Violet Explorer was launched on D96, on a Daleth II 7320 (We do not speak of Daleth A,B,C,D, etc.) .


Unfortunately, at D96, 9:44:23, contact was lost. Naval ships downrange reported debris and plasma trails in the sky. Cause has been tenuously determined to be miswired stages, resulting in the Daleth-K, Staara-24C, and Daleth-K decoupling all happening at once. The next attempt at launch of the UVE will be on the recently announced "Crew-Cargo Transportation System", to replace Genesis Block II for LKO duties.


Artists Impression of CCTS-1 (Screenshot of a KRASH Sim)

First Minmus Flyby

First Minmus Orbiter

First Minmus Impactor

First Station (Not the contract though. Tribute 2 will take care of that.)

First Rendezvous

First Docking

First EVA

First 2 people in orbit



I'm going to wait for other people to post and catch up now.

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Dressian National Rocketry Association


We choose to throw things at the mun because we are being a stroppy toddler!  It's NoT fAiR!


DNRA's Mun shot was called Herb 1 or 'Basil' to the engineers. The actual construction didn't take long at all, but it took a long time to reach  the mun for reasons revealed later.


Herb 1 on the pad.


Aaaand liftoff!


Booster sep. Herb 1 had a Delta II-esque  booster mechanism. Three high power SRBs  burnt out first and were  discarded, whilst three  medium power SRBs carried on a little longer.


Stage and fairing sep. Deployment of the Probe's  equipment.


Basil taking an early orbital photo. It'll wait in  orbit until I unlock patched coincs.


As part of our contract grind, Gaia V was launched. (Don't ask about Gaia IV, or do i guess...) 


Pretty similar deal with the launch.


In space.


Toasty. It turns out the Hermes heat shield is pretty useless, but thanks to the magic of quicksaves, I got through.


It's back!


 After a bit more mind-numbing grinding (something I do not enjoy), Basil was set for heading to the Mun.


After the last dregs of the third stage were spent, the Munar injection stage was ignited, using a Bossart 'Crow' engine.


Why hello there Mun, ol' pal!


After a Brad Whistance-worthy close encounter, Basil scarpered off into Kerbolar orbit.


Y1 D96 (Why did I not do any missions while Basil was off on its travels?) First Mun Flyby, Kerbolar orbit, Return from orbit.

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I used solid kick stages to get to the mun without conics. That’s why Ark 1 missed. Also, I see you added BDB to the mix.

I also just realized that Tribute 1/Genesis 3 was in orbit the same time Basil 1 was waiting in orbit.

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Notebook Space Program: Days 67-100




On day 67, the Star 1 was launched. Its mission was to carry Jebediah Kerman to the upper atmosphere for a progression contract.


The vehicle used two Thud engines and a standard Vostok-esque pod.


After the vehicle successfully reached the upper atmosphere, it came down and landed safely under parachutes.


Star 1 was rolled back into the VAB, refueled, and launched again that same day but with Valentina as the pilot.


Unfortunately, Star 1a noodled out on ascent and the mission had to be aborted.


The next day, on day 68, it was launched yet again as Star 1b, with Jeb in the seat again. The mission was to reach suborbital space.


It was successful.

Mostly to show off, Jeb attempted a propulsive landing back near the space center.



It was successful!

Now we've gone to space. Next step? Orbit.


On day 75, Star 2 was launched, with Valentina in the cockpit again.


The first stage was two thuds and two hammers as boosters.


The second stage was two twitches.


And for fit reasons, the third stage was actually mounted upside down, the fuel tank being below the capsule and the engine above, which also doubled as the spacer for the now jettisoned launch escape tower.


There was only a tiny amount of fuel margin, but Star 2 made it into orbit! Valentina floated around for a bit, likely gathered some science, and fired the engine again to de-orbit. The fuel tank and engine separated separately.



And, touchdown!

A few days later, on day 80, GEOsat 1 was launched. As the name implied, it was the first attempt at a geostationary satellite. The launch vehicle was similar to the one used for Star 2.




Also just a thing... I believe I did this mission before I switched to Kronometer time so geostationary orbit was at a different altitude.

At this point, a lot of fuel was left over, so a secondary mission was undertaken. GEOsat fired its engine once more.


I'm fairly sure it was a flyby and not an impact, as I couldn't accept the impact contract yet, but records are unclear.

On day 89, Abroad 1 was launched. I'm pretty sure that for Minmus I could accept multiple contracts (orbit, landing, impact? IDK) or I just completely skipped the progression for this one in the name of science... But its mission was an ambitious one - become the first object on Minmus.


This mission used the heaviest rocket launched by the NSP to date. Also worth noting that we *still* haven't unlocked the LV-909.


Launch was fairly standard.



Soon, the lander was orbiting Minmus.


And, on day 95, Abroad 1 landed! It might have done a few biome hops, I'm not sure, but after it could not produce any more science it was crashed into the surface to complete the impactor contract.


Shortly later, also on day 95, Abroad 2 was launched on a similar mission, but for the Mun this time. Before it could arrive, though, another mission was launched.


This incredibly unwieldy contraption was Star 3, aiming to be the first NSP mission to put two Kerbals into orbit, namely Jeb and Bill. As two Kerbal pods had not been invented yet, two one man pods were stacked on top of each other with fins to guide them through re-entry. Due to the lack of a 1.25m fairing, the whole thing was very... aerodynamically irresponsible.


All four outer boosters detached at once, then the center one fired. The middle stage was similar to other middle stages, having two spaceley engines.


The fourth (or third depending on how you count) stage was a flea booster, which also doubled as a launch escape system.


This time, the capsule did not have to flip around to use its engines.


Star 3, with Jeb and Bill, orbited around a bit and then returned to Kerbin.



While Star 3 was descending under parachutes, I alt tabbed out of the game and saw a Reddit post about KSP2. I checked to see if it was true, and was like "WHOA" and watched the trailer. I forgot about Star 3 so it sat around on the ground for a few hours before I pressed the recover button.


Lastly, on day 100, Abroad 2 landed on the Mun, and probably hopped to a few nearby biomes.

Milestones: 21, 11 new ones (!). Crew in high atmosphere, manned suborbital spaceflight, manned orbital flight, geostationary satellite, Minmus flyby, Minmus orbit, Minmus landing, Minmus impact, Mun orbit, Mun landing, 2 people in orbit? I'll have to check in the game to make sure I'm counting these right.



Yes it was an eventful stretch of time, but I couldn't really choose a good spot to split it up.

Also, there will be a significant increase in flight rate starting right about now.


Also, @KerbalKore  my flag is based on the stock KerbinMunFlag which you are using! I approve of your taste!

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9 minutes ago, KerbalKore said:

Wow your contraptions are insane

Congrats on the first Minmus landing!

Oh, you haven't seen anything yet!

They get crazier for a bit until I unlock proper fairings and larger diameter parts, then the craziness comes back down to acceptable levels.

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It comes...


(The Crew and Cargo Transport system Orbiter 01 in a simulation)

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Laythe Initiative, D97-D117



On Day 97, Ark 5 was launched on a Bossart-Vejur. It was the same as Ark 4, but with improved instrumentation and Minmus as a target. It was originally to land on the Mun, but Abroad 1 forced its mission to change.


An issue arose during separation of the Vejur stage however, resulting in the destruction of the stage.  Orbit was not achieved, and the craft burned up in the atmosphere during reentry.


Ark 6 was launched on Day 101 to make up for the failure of Ark 5.


It was a success, with the Vejur separating cleanly.


Transfer was successful, with this being the panned trajectory:


The planned trajectory was achieved, and coast began.


During Ark 6's coast, MinmuScan was launched on a Bossart LV-3C.


Insertion went well, with the cryogenic Inon stage performing the transfer.


However, poor planning resulted in the craft reentering during the burn, and burning up. The press nicknamed it "MinmusCant"


Ark 6 landed on Day 107.


Tribute 2 was the heaviest object yet launched, requiring a new launch vehicle, the Sarnus 1.


Launch was flawless, although TWR let something so be desired.


Its upper stage used upgraded Inon engines, in a cluster of 6.


It was placed into orbit with a small margin, with the station itself circularizing.


Its first crew will arrive on a Genesis Block IIA, due to delays with the development of the CCTS.


An "International Docking Adapter" was proposed, to be launched on a Bossart SLV-3C or SLV-3D. Any nation willing to participate in collaboration is recommended to utilize 1 of 3 Docking Systems: The Clamp-o-Tron Jr, the CIDAS-9, or the KNES K06 Arcas.


While no transfer windows opened anytime soon, there was one way to gain science for cheap. The Kerbolar Observatory was launched on a Bossart I, with an upgraded Inon stage and upgraded booster engines.


The flight was flawless up until kick stage ignition. (Thanks to @Zorg for the idea to add TU configs to metal tanks!)


It went into a spin due to the offset center of mass. The RCS could only recover after SRB separation.


It still achieved escape to a low solar flyby.


First (second) Minmus landing

First modular space station




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Notebook Space Program: Days 101-114


Busiest two weeks ever! Would be one week in real life because of the 12 hour days though.



On day 101, the Star 4 spacecraft was launched carrying Bob Kerman. Visually, this next gen Star spacecraft was quite the step up from the previous ones. With the science from the moon landings, we've been able to push 1.25m lifter technology to maturity at last.


We've also unlocked the LV-909, a very important engine.


Once in orbit, Bob EVAs for an achievement and works the materials bay. Interestingly, he waits in orbit for a while.


The very next day, a strange vehicle called Rendezsat was launched.


As the name implied, it was a satellite designed to complete the rendezvous contract. Unfortunately, the docking one only triggers after you return to Kerbin after a rendezvous, so we didn't bother with docking even though both craft were perfectly capable of it.


On day 105, Onwards 4 was launched with the aim of (I think) completing the Minmus rover contract. The eagle eyed among you will notice that we skipped Onwards 3. It was built and ready to go as a Minmus probe, but we used GEOsat for that purpose instead since it had so much fuel left over. It's sitting in storage in case we need it.


After a week in space, on Day 108, Bob de-orbited and landed back on Kerbin.



Some time in there, we had a contract to rescue Kirk Kerman. I'm mostly going off the money from the career evolution contracts, but how can I resist Kirk Kerman?


On day 108, Onwards 5 was launched to complete the Mun rover contract.


On day 109, Valentina was launched into orbit on Star 5.


A few hours later, Jeb followed her on Star 6.


Shortly later, the two spacecraft docked to each other. If they try, they can squeeze into one of the pods together. They brought plenty of cards and snacks, as well as probably some science experiments (not really). It was undisclosed how long their orbital stay was supposed to be, but it was likely a long, multi-week mission.


The next day, on day 110, Onwards 4 landed on Minmus and completed the rover contract by hopping around. It had enough fuel left after that to visit a total of five biomes, gathering barometer and thermometer readings.


It also found this cool rock with what looks like moss, but that doesn't seem right.


On day 113, Star 7 was launched stripped down, with no launch escape system and nobody on board.


It rendezvoused with Kirk Kerman's stricken spacecraft. He transferred over and landed safely, now a NSP astronaut.


He was immediately promoted to the rank of captain.


And lastly, the pictures aren't very good, but on day 114, Onwards 5 landed on the Mun and completed the rover contract. However, during its first biome hop it crashed, so it didn't really return much science, so a partial success.



My milestone count is probably off by a few, I'll get an updated count later on when I reach the present or close to it.

Milestones: 26, 5 new. Orbital EVA, Rendezvous, spending a week in space, Minmus rover, Mun rover.


Summary: Lots of Kerballed spaceflight, rendezvous and docking, and moon rovers. Also captain Kirk.




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Just now, KerbalKore said:

I don’t think that rover has wheels. Did it engine hop, or did it roll?

Engine hop. The contract doesn't specify how you move, just that you have to move.

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