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Notebook Space Program: Days 67-100   Yes it was an eventful stretch of time, but I couldn't really choose a good spot to split it up. Also, there will be a significant increase

At Year 0, Day 0, a few companies made it their mission to explore space. Each one wanted to be the first to go where no kerbal has dared to go, armed only with boosters, struts and a whole lotta luck

Notebook Space Program: Days 46-66              

Just now, KerbalKore said:

I’m glad your rockets look like rockets instead of eldritch abominations now :P

Tech has finally caught up with what I want to do, but what I want to do is soon to outgrow current tech, so the rockets are going to get a bit more abominable I'm afraid!

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Agencia Espacial Kanada through Day 39


Yes, we want you complete these building contracts. Yes, we want you to tell us what great job-creators we are. Yes, we want to avoid getting the SQ's attention...
- - François Kerman, Year 01 Day 35


Day 37: Uncrewed high orbit return (milestone), Return from Kerbin Orbit complete (stock), Polar Orbit Satellite (milestone)

Day 39: Crewed upper atmosphere flight (milestone), first flag at home


That's nine milestones done by Day 39. I'd love to try to optimize this later.

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Notebook Space Program: Days 115-124


A station and a top secret project...

Also I installed restock


In the middle of the night on day 116, a spacecraft (referred to in leaked documents as SNTL L-1) was launched with minimal notice on a variant of the standard lifter, but with five cores instead of 3.



No pictures of the launch were released besides this. Some have speculated that this is a large spy satellite, something with the capability to maneuver over many targets, or even a "Rods from God" test system...

The next day, on day 117, Returner 1 was launched on board a new abomination of a launch vehicle.


Its mission was to go to the Mun and return science from the surface to Kerbin. Since we didn't have fuel lines yet, the rocket had several distinct stages. The first stage was three boosters with 2 soyuz engines and 2 verniers each from the expansion.

The second stage was three more boosters with 1 soyuz and 2 verniers each.


The third stage was 3 boosters with 1 LV-T45 each, and the central core was, I think, the same.


The trans Munar injection stage fired.

The next day, on day 118, we rolled out Onwards 3, a Minmus probe that we had not ended up needing and likely never will need, as it is incredibly outdated, still using thuds on the first stage and spaceleys on the upper stages. Time for some fireworks!





Then (the date has been lost) Returner 1 landed on the Mun.



It then lifted off again, having collected science, and got on a trajectory that would take it back to Kerbin.

On day 123, the core of Nebula Station was launched. As the name suggests, it's a space station. Nothing too special, just a place for people to stay for a while. Also, KerbalKore has launched one and has another one in the works, so we need to get one going!

However, in more leaked documents, Nebula Station Module 1 was referred to as SNTL N-1. Hmm.



Due to a poorly planned ascent profile, Nebula Station almost didn't reach orbit, but it managed to limp there. It could only hold 2 Kerbals, but it also held an FL-T800 tank, 8 solar panels, several docking ports, two antennas, control, batteries, a reaction wheel I think, and a propulsion system.


Eventually, slightly charred, it maneuvered to its nominal orbit.

At this point, a message was transmitted to Jeb and Val, who were still in their docked Star 5 and 6 spacecraft. The public portion of the message said to go to Nebula Station to conduct research. However, it appears someone let something slip during a press conference and accidentally referred to Star's 5 and 6 as S-1 and S-2.

No further comment was made, even when asked.


So now we have S, N, and L... One may wonder, where's the T, and what even is SNTL?


Val and Jeb enjoyed their new home, although for the time being it is quite small. They set to work doing a few on board experiments (theirs had long since run out, as they had been in space for 14 days now!)


The next day, on day 124, a smaller rocket was launched with Nebula Station module 2 as its payload. No documents were leaked this time, but one could theorize that it was called SNTL N-2.


It was the station's observatory module, an upgraded plane cockpit, used for the visibility.


The view from the docked module.

A stunning announcement was made by NSP officials that very day, although likely not related to project SNTL.


A replacement for Star was finally arriving - a partially reusable winged vehicle that could carry three people to LKO. It was called the Hammer shuttle, and the first landing test, in orbiter #1 "Grabthar," piloted by Katbrett Kerman, took place on day 124.


The craft performed very well, landing back on the runway in one piece.

The orbiters would all be named after characters that wield hammers. Four names, including Grabthar, have been planned.

No details about the other names, or even how Hammer would be launched, were made available at the press conference.


Actually no milestones this time unfortunately.





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2 minutes ago, Kerballing (Got Dunked On) said:

*pumps fist*


Is one of the others... Point Break??


*hee hee MCU reference*

Nah, one MCU reference is enough. I have two other names in mind and I'll probably only need four shuttles, if that.

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Agencia Espacial Kanada through Day 46


Hey, hoser.


Come 'ere fer a bit.

No way, eh?
Yer jus' gonna stuff me in a pod an' shoot me in t'space.

This' jus' an... inspection. Ya.
Ya need t'inspect inside this cone.

Ya right, "this cone." That's a mark one pod.

OK, but we need someone who sounds more like a scientist, eh?

This better not take long, eh? If yer gonna shoot me up in t'space at least bring me down quick!


Also Day 39: Geostationary satellite (Milestone)

Day 40: Crewed Karman Line (Milestone), Crewed Orbit (Milestone), low space EVA reports, high space crew and EVA report

Day 44: Mun flyby (Milestone), discovered stupid solar panel limitations (grrr)

Day 45: Two kerbals in orbit (milestone)

Day 46: Level three Mission Control, Launch Pad, Runway


Thirteen milestones done by Day 45. Or I may have lost count. I'll have to review the save file.

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Laythe Initiative, D117-D127



On D119, Genesis 4, a Block IIA, was launched on a Sarnus 1 to dock with Tribute 2.


The launch proceeded as planned until S-IV ignition.


Engineers mistakenly included the ullage motors on the S-IV in the TWR calculations, leaving the stage with a TWR of less than 0.7.


Thankfully the craft made orbit due to the pilots quick thinking and initiation of a pitch up maneuver.


The rendezvous burn was performed excellently by the crafts 4 Daleth-K-5-75 "Bahdal"s. (AKA AJ10-118K)


The above photo was taken by Lanman Kerman, around 200 meters out.


Docking was achieved just before Orbital Sunset.


Operations commenced after 1 orbit of preparing.


They will stay for 1 week in orbit, before returning.


The next launch was the first of the long awaited CCTS.


The Orbiter was placed on internal power at 6:01:24 UT.


Liftoff occurred at 6:02:04 UT, with all engines igniting. 


Flight phase 1 was nominal, with Abort Mode switching from RTLS to TOL at 6:04:35.


Phase 2 was nominal as well, with boosters separating cleanly.


All was well until 6:05:51, when it was realized that there was not enough DeltaV to make orbit.


Trans-Oceanic Landing was initiated, but the near orbit that was made (90 x -103) made the entry highly energetic.


The trajectory made a landing impossible, so the payload (the Explorer Radiation Telescope) was dumped before entry to minimize risk.


The Orbiter reached subsonic above the ocean, so Ansby Kerman, the only crew on this test flight, bailed.


He landed safely, but the Orbiter was destroyed on impact with the water.


Revisions are under way to make the system more powerful and more reliable.


Ark 7 was launched to accomplish the mission Ark 6 had to be redirected from. It was the backup craft to Ark 6, and was launched on D122.


Launch was successful, with the Vejur stage circularizing.


Transfer was finished by the lander itself, as is the design in Ark Lander Buses.


Munar Orbital Insertion was nominal.


It landed in the Munar Lowlands, and took dirt samples, as well as ran the standard instrumentation.


First Major Disaster

First Crew to Tribute 2

First repeated Mun landing.

I also installed KS3P.



Plans are underway for a crewed Munshot...


(Constellation style!)









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Notebook Space Program: Days 124-137


Sentinel 1


With the epic rage of furious thunder, a spacecraft named T-1 launched on a standard five core lifter on day 124, representing the "T" in SNTL, or Sentinel.



The fairing broke away to reveal the T-1 itself, a very spartan looking ship.


But what exactly was the T-1?

A press conference was held shortly after the launch regarding the Sentinel program.


The S stood for Star (in the future the S will stand for Shuttle), the N stood for Nebula, the T stood for "Transfer ship," and the L stood for "Lunar lander."

That same day, Jebediah and Valentina went on EVA from Nebula Station and boarded the T-1 spacecraft.


The spacecraft burned much of its fuel to reach a trajectory that would bring it on a Munar flyby.


While the Sentinel-1 mission was en route to the Mun, the Returner 1 spacecraft safely returned to Kerbin with Munar science.


In orbit of the Mun, the crew rendezvoused with the L-1 spacecraft which had been launched as a rocket with a top secret payload on day 116. The docking occurred on day 129.


The crew transferred over and began their descent to the Munar surface.


The landing was a complete success, even managing to land near a DLC crater! Some science was done, rocks were collected, pictures were taken, and then unfortunately it was time to go home.


L-1 and T-1 docked once more.

T-1 is designed to have enough Delta-V to take two Kerbals and an FL-T200 tank's worth of fuel from LKO to low Mun orbit and back. The fuel was transferred to the lander, filling it either all the way or most of the way back up.


Sometime between day 129 and day 134, module 3 of Nebula station was launched, a habitation/docking port module intended to provide proper clearance for the hammer shuttle to dock with the station. The fin and cockpit bubble would be an obstacle if using a normal port.



Unfortunately, the T-1 ran low on fuel on the way home and had to aerobrake. The Kerbals nearly died, so seats will likely be reconfigured if we launch a T-2.


Jeb and Val redocked to Nebula Station, only a tiny amount of fuel remaining. They got back into their Star spacecraft and de-orbited.


After 25 days in space, they are safely back on Kerbin!


That same day, the Nomad 1 launched, probably the most clustery rocket we've built yet.



Its mission was to fly by Moho.


In order to do that, it needed a LOT of Delta-V, but fortunately it was up to the task!

The next day, on day 135, Returner 2 was launched. It was essentially a repeat of the Returner 1 mission, but for Minmus.



On day 137, the long awaited launch of Hammer-1 took place, using orbiter 02 "Thor." On board were Katbrett, a veteran of the landing test, and Duke, a new hire.


The two SRBs detached and fell away.


Once in orbit, Thor docked to Nebula Station to demonstrate docking capabilities. Unfortunately, there were issues with left/right translation not working, which will be fixed in the future. The docking spacer is working as intended!


Re-entry proved to be perilous, with the cockpit nearly blowing up a few times. Extra heat shielding will be installed for subsequent missions. I forget if I have a probe core on that or not, but if I don't I should add one.


Due to lots of training, Katbrett managed to come down in the general area of the space center. Hammer was being a bit brick-like, however.


Despite two problems, one very critical, orbiter 02 "Thor" touched down safely on the runway!


29 milestones have been completed, but the manned mun landing one hasn't actually been done yet because I had to do Mun orbit first. No matter, though, I'm going back to the Mun!




Edited by Ultimate Steve
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4 minutes ago, KerbalKore said:

Congratulations on the manned moon landing! Not much science can be carried though, can it?

Thank you! There's enough room for the materials bay, a goo, and whatever mini science experiments I have unlocked. If I install KAS to bring new experiments, the only science I can't really get from the lander is a crew report. Assuming I bring a scientist, I can reset them and do multiple biomes, but due to fuel margin this would really only be useful for Minmus.


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Agencia Espacial Kanada through Day 46... and a half:


Yer turn, hosehead.

What? No way, eh? I ain't gettin' in there!

No? Don' wanna be stuck in th'same room as Valentina?

Geez, hoser that's even worse!
What if Eri found out? She'd be-

...ok. Val?

What?... No! Hands off! Take off...!


Day 45: Two kerbals in orbit (milestone)… properly.


I reloaded a slightly earlier save to appease the SPKQ. :) Beauty.

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Agencia Espacial Kanada through Day 54:


On a lonely planet slowly spinning its way into damnation, amidst the incompetence and utter carelessness of lesser space programs, one teams stands resilient against the herds-
[Trademark infringement detected - Trademark redacted]

- - Unattributed speech from the launch of [redacted] One, Day 46


Day 53: Fly by Minmus Uncrewed (milestone)

Early morning of Day 54: EVA (milestone), Seven Days in Orbit (milestone), Rendezvous (milestone)


What was supposed to be a rescue ended up being three milestones in one. Beauty!

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Laythe Initiative, D127-D149




Ark 8 was launched on Day 127. It was an attempted sample return, but transfer went wrong and sent it to a highly elliptical orbit. It landed safely, but the upper stage had no attitude control, and crashed into the Munar surface on day 137.


Its descent stage is still there.


On Day 128, the crew of Tribute 2 Expedition 1/Genesis 4 undocked from the station and returned to Kerbin. they completed the 1 week in space contract.


They landed just off the coast of the space center.

ShFNgDl.pngOn day 132, the Kerbolar Observatory made a science transmission.


On Day 134, the Adventum mission was launched on a Bossart II, with 4 Dioscuri-MGU27A "Perseir"s.


Its payload was a combined Lander/Rover.


It landed on Day 139.




It landed in the completely wrong area for the contract, but near some cool rocks.


Lunar Genesis 1 was rolled out to the pad on Day 139. Its target was a Munar orbit and return.


It launched on Day 140. Its crew was Ansby and Mitsby Kerman.


Once orbit had been achieved, the Inon G' inside the fairing was ignited to send it to the Mun.


Lets just say the craft was slightly overpowered. They landed on Day 144.


While they were in transit, CCTS-2 was launched, carrying Enfrod as the crew, and Tito Kerman, a tourist.

RPANhOs.pngAll went well, until landing. But any landing you can walk away from...


On Day 143, the Kerbolar Observatory burned to lower its periapsis.


The new periapsis is just inside the orbit of Moho.


Several sample gathering EVAs were performed by the crew of Lunar Genesis 1, as they prepared for liftoff.


They made it, with almost no margin. The Lunar Genesis program is undergoing many redesigns.


The ISTO was launched on a Bossart IIAS, on Day 149.


It's target was a Dres flyby.


While its technology was still in its infancy, it can have up to 3600 Isp, at only 8 KW of power drain! (Assuming 1 EC/s is 1 KW)


First (Second) Mun landing.

First Ion craft.

First Mun rover, but not the contract.


Due to the Initiatives idea to include more companies, Goliath National, Kerbodyne, and the Experimental Engineering Group proposed the "David" reusable SSTO to carry the next module to Tribute 2.





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I completed the 20th milestone over last weekend, but I wanted to end the video with some charts showing everyone's progress. I'm having trouble interpreting everyone's time stamps in this thread.

If it's OK, would you all post a simple table indicating what (Kronometer if possible) day you achieved your milestones? It doesn't matter which specific ones were done, just (10th on day x, 11th on day y, etc). Or update your replies with dates for each one? Some I can get from screen shots but others I can't see for some reason.

Or if nothing else send me a copy of your save? I can look at all of the CONTRACT_FINISHED entries and get the time stamps in UT seconds. If it comes to that I'll make my save available as well.

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1 hour ago, Gordon Fecyk said:

If it's OK, would you all post a simple table indicating what (Kronometer if possible) day you achieved your milestones? It doesn't matter which specific ones were done, just (10th on day x, 11th on day y, etc). Or update your replies with dates for each one? Some I can get from screen shots but others I can't see for some reason.

That would be a good idea. I'll take a look when I get home. Good thing I kept all my screenshots!

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