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Stupid Kerbal Tricks Challenge

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        OK the scenario is: You have placed a satellite in orbit around Duna consisting of the following:

1 basic okto probe core

2 HG-55 antennas

2 thermometers

1 Oscar-B fuel tank, full

1 Ant engine

2 OX-STAT photovoltaic panels

You also have available a number of landers on the surface of Duna, including one that has a wide selection of parts In inventory. You have a good engineer and KIS/KAS installed


Now this satellite is, of course, perfectly useless as a relay satellite and no one in his right mind would build one. (coff coff) let alone go to all the trouble of getting it to orbit around Duna, then spend 2 days trying to figure out why it won't relay anything. Well, almost no one.

Anyhow, the challenge is to come up with a use for the damn thing. Best answer gets a pat on the back, an uptick on their post and a mantra suitable for recitation in a hard vacuum.

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