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We are excited about Kerbal Space Program 2!


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Hi Kerbonauts! 

For the past eight years, Kerbal Space Program has continuously evolved into something larger than any of us, and all thanks goes to the support of our community as well as the many talented people who have put their hearts into it.

As you’ve recently heard Kerbal Space Program 2 is coming in 2020 thanks to the outstanding team at Star Theory Games, who we’ve been communicating with along the way. We are happy to say that as well as being lifelong fans of KSP who deeply understand what makes this game so great, they are also skilled developers with their own roster of games. We’re confident that you’ll all love what is being concocted to bring our beloved franchise to new heights. 

Squad will continue to support the current game, and some of us in various capacities are assisting Star Theory to make the best possible sequel. These are exciting times for Kerbonauts, so fasten your seatbelts and prepare yourself for new adventures!

Happy launchings!

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