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Kerbal Space Program 2: Master Post


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2 minutes ago, TheSaint said:

That said, I sincerely hope they took a fresh, realistic, logical approach to the science system. Taking a temperature in a different region of the Mun to get points that unlock a node to let you build a slightly larger version of a fuel tank you already have is stupid.

We've been writing and ranting about this, and all the rest for years now. I hope these guys have done their homework, and picked the fan's collective brains, as well as thought it all through very carefully. 

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8 minutes ago, rocket_scissors said:

Will F5 and F9 quicksaving still be there? It's really useful to quickly go back. Also how will the multiplayer work?

It is still too early to share more details as the game is still in development, but we'll share updates regularly ;)

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6 minutes ago, nestor said:


So it's a true sequel, not a replacement? 

Mixed feelings tbh, as there are many perfect things about this game that could be less so, if messed up. Like the part updates, not all were that great. But also, new versions means there will be plenty of people continuing to be making and sharing things we've done in the game we've come to know and love, so....


2 minutes ago, UomoCapra said:

It is still too early to share more details as the game is still in development, but we'll share updates regularly ;)


I do hope a lot of the conventions make it across, so we aren't confused about different control schemes. Plus, so much of this game, like the maneuver nodes,  the orbital interface,  the part menus, it's so brilliant it will be an achievement to not lose functionality in a new version. 

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1. Will it have n-body gravity or just 1-body like the original KSP? (I think what is the purpose of two closely orbiting planets if you don't have at least optional n-body gravity).
2. Will it include robotics, mining, communication? Basically how long we need to wait for KSP 2 to catch up with KSP 1?
3. What visual improvements will it include? Clouds? Wind? Weather?
4. What motivations for exploration will we have? Contracts as in the 1st? or quests?

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...admittedly, KSP2 doesn't really look like my cup of tea (I don't dig the whole future-of-space-travel/civilisation vibe), but still, I hope everyone enjoys it when it comes out, and I wish the developers at Star Theory all the best with KSP2.



Original posted drawing:


(Sorry for the roughness of these drawings, I just wanted to make something cute to celebrate the announcement)

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1 hour ago, PulsarPixie said:

Q: How much will Kerbal Space Program 2 cost?

A: $59.99 USD

We all love KSP(1), and hope they can improve upon success. 

"You can make an amazing game, but you can't make a success. Your players make the success."

- Irme Jele

The devs are more than Successful; I can't speak for everyone. I hold hope they can look forward and work on their passion. I say this for myself and everyone who thinks like I do, and yes I understand the hypocrisy in my words. 

We hope you can succeed without alienating your players and trying to stand upon the success storys of those before you. I want you to advance in away that I as a KSP community member can be proud of. Be your self and not who you want to be. 

In Greek mythology, Icarus said, "don't fly too close to the sun"  Ignoring his father warning, the wax in his wings melted he tumbled out of the sky and fell into the sea where he drowned. 

What I'm trying to say is that we love the game just the way it is. We don't need controversy and with your passionate devs I hope you see that. We look back on history to teach us, and what we from history and experience is immeasurable. I ask you to understand the mistakes of big game studios and the controversy their involved in. You know what I'm talking about. And listen to your community. If you do that, I have know douet that you will make a wanderful game and put you community at ease.

I look forward KSP(2), for now with reservations.

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Just now, Tw1 said:

That would require you to go through steam to play it, and many don't. Some prefer portable installs, etc.

In addition, I'm a fan of exploring for its own sake. Achievements cheapen that, to me.

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Things that seem like a sure thing:

  • New graphics engine
  • New soundtrack
  • Multiple star systems
  • Interstellar propulsion technology
  • Nuclear pulsed propulsion
  • Nuclear fusion drives
  • Exploring planets that are in the process of colliding (did I understand that right?)
  • Multiplayer
  • Domes and off world colonies (hopefully food and life support management as well).


Things I would love to see:

  • New phyiscs engine (move beyond PhysX, less bugs, more capabilities, faster/more accurate physical time acceleration).
  • N-body motion, allowing Lagrange points
  • VR support, both for in-flight and in-cockpit views
  • Scale-able graphics.  The trailer looked amazing, but I'd love it if we could dial it up or down. So I can run an amazing ray-tracing glamor-fest on my desktop, or have a more simple/cartoony looking one for my laptop.  


Things I would love but that may be too hard to implement

  • Scale-able solar systems (have the option to still play at small Kerbal-scale or play on full solar-system scales).
  • Multiple races (new species to chose from instead of just Kerbals).


Just my two-cents.

EDIT:  turns out multiplayer and off world colonies are confirmed.  Moved those two to the first group.

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