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Thoughts and hopes:

  • That things are reminiscent of the current game, while being a step up and different. If they re-make the Kerbol System, the planets sorta have the same maps, but more epic. 
  • That Minmus and Kerbin especially still look like themselves
  • That you see something of  the old parts,  and old locations in the new game
  • Shout outs to current mods and modded locations. 
  • If story,  one that you shape, and the kerbals are still fairly blank slate characters for us to project on
  • that it is in fact, a sequel, not a remake, and that the two stand on their own.
  • That it doesn't result in  people  no longer playing the first
  • Inclusion of the original music from the start screen.
  • better physics - less building to avoid bad glitches
  • Wheels which actually work 
  • That the fantastic editor interface and orbit interfaces have their best bits carried over
  • Realistically expanding engine plumes
  • Biomes renamed to something that makes sense, if  still an in game concept.
  • Water Physics
  • If there is a career, it's focus is on continuous action and building, and not talking points up to unlock stuff
  • actual science activities, not just click to collect
  • That new parts are done with imagination, not just real life copies
  • Complex landscapes
  • More named female characters- ballance it like a modern game
  • Still open to modding, save and file tinkering? 
  • And lastly, 
  • That the people making it have seen the online community, and  tap into the vast imagination seen here.

Concern: This will lead to the splitting up of the fandom. I hope the two either have enough in common to sit side by side, yet each unique, or different enough they're dealt with differently.

Best outcome: Kerbal 2 becomes what Portal 2 was to the original Portal.

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Hopefully I can even get it to start up

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