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Discount for Veteran Players?


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30 minutes ago, ChickenCoop24 said:

Will there be a discount for players that have had the original KSP for longer than version .18 like on the DLC's? 

Right from the get-go, before Take-Two was even involved (per-emptive anti evil-overlord snark), it was made very clear that any promises to the community were towards the current version of KSP, not any future versions (which at that point was highly debatable anyway).

so while there might be a discount, any entitlement towards “you owe us a discount” is completely ungrounded.

If anything I’d expect that those who paid the full amount are more entitled to a discount; if you bought KSP and both DLC’s as a bundle, you’d get a discount. THAT would make sense to me.

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Considering the amount of time I've gotten out of KSP 1, and the amount of money I've gambled on games that sucked, I have no problem paying $60 out of the gate for this.  Some in-game non-game-changing rewards would be neat if there was some way KSP 2 knew you had KSP 1 (probably only possible with steam or the consoles), like how Borderlands did it, but I think that's as far as it should go.

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I've sunk thousands of hours into KSP, I got the original game early access but paid full price for the DLCs. All told I've had my moneys worth several times over, even if I'd paid full release money for the base game, which I didn't.

I don't understand this expectation of discounts and getting stuff for free. Most veteran players have got more playtime out of this game than people get out of most £50-60 AAA titles at a fraction of the cost. We've had plenty for the developers time already.

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Honestly, if they did do a discount, they might as well sell the game at 40 dollars due to the sheer amount of players eligible.

I'm totally ready to play whatever the price on steam is for this game much less than 60 dollars atleast if its good.

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So I'm pretty sure this is wishful thinking, but has there been any indication that KSP 2 will come under the early backer deal? For anyone unaware; those that bought KSP prior to April 2013 (back when it was in early alpha) have received all KSP DLC for free. KSP 2 is technically not DLC, and kudos to Squad for upholding this arrangement, but I'm just curious as to whether there'll be any extension of that to KSP 2, even if it's just something like a % discount.

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Regarding the questions for a discount...

I like to see it the following way:
We can be happy, that a company takes on the part of developing a KSP2 for us.
A company needs to earn money. The "more" we pay, the more stuff/features they develop for us. So our spent money (usually) gives us games/stuff/features back.

I have absolutely no problem to pay $60 for a KSP2.
I also like to see/purchase DLCs like MH and BG for a very fair price.

Imagine you play 61 hours of KSP2... that's below $1 / hour fun.
Imagine you play 610 hours of KSP2... that's below $0.1 / hour fun.
imagine you play more than 1000 hours of KSP2... well... you get the point...
For some games you pay $60, and play them to the end in like 10 hours.

I hope one can get the point... we finance the (continuous) development for this game/franchise.
Also because of that I purchased KSP1 two times on my own and 2 or 3 times as a gift for others.
As long we get a fair value I am very happy to take my part in supporting this.
So as long as one has the luxury to not need to watch for every dollar/euro, let's support development.
I know, some people also need to watch for every dollar, I don't mean this situation. There I can understand the question for a discount... For all others, let back this! ;)

The only one thing I wouldn't accept is some kind of regular needed in game payment like micro transactions for purchasing rocket parts for a launch.
But I don't think someone would really try that way... at least I hope...


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On 8/19/2019 at 9:52 PM, Jon Tash said:

Even though I started playing KSP when it was at 0.7.3 alpha, I still want to pay the FULL price for KSP 2. I don't care how much it cost, just take my money!!!

You get an free seat on the first starship to orbit flight.  Bring your own seat and spacesuit. 

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