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KSP Unofficial Official Computer Building/Buying Megathread. (All Questions Acceptable.)


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21 hours ago, Souptime said:

2 questions, and dumb it down for me no fancy ryzen razor GTA SSME OMS 69420 GPU graphics interUI over9000 dollar computer core somethin cheapish and accessible

1. what excatly makes a good setup for KSP? im talking 200+ mods, and something to get me from 1 FPS to maybe 30 at most, i dont need much

2. would i be able to upgrade my moms laptop i use? its a lenovo ideapad 310 with 8 gigs of ram, a terabyte of storage, and an  Intel Core i7 6th Gen processor. idk what the other specs are like the GPU or whatever other fancy computermabobs there are i just want me a semi no lag KSP


5 minutes ago, Souptime said:

soldering wont stop me

for i have butterknife!

so looks like i need a custom build rig huh

I mean I think you’ve asked a similar question before and gotten the same answer. 

pretty much. this is not the best time to try and build a PC because everything is really expensive. 
Try cutting back on mods maybe. 

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51 minutes ago, Spaceman.Spiff said:

pretty much. this is not the best time to try and build a PC because everything is really expensive. 

Motherboards, RAM, and PSUs are okay. But everything else is fooking expensive.

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54 minutes ago, Souptime said:

i cant, i need em

this is a RIP moment

Well then there isn’t really anything you can do. Make sure your drivers are up to date and that you have the battery settings on max performance. 

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1 hour ago, Arco123 said:

What mods are there. I really hope there no visual mods. 

no visuals, only planets parts and QOL mods +dependencies. 180+ and shooting for 200

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Posted (edited)

got the 5800x in the mail. had enough bitcoin to order a mobo. went with this one, the gigabyte board i was looking at didnt have a front panel usb-c connector and the asus didnt have enough usb ports (i need lots for my ch controllers) . still need ram and a new psu. i have several old psu's and i might be able to use them fitment permitting. the case is designed with sfx supplies in mind, but it came with an atx bracket. but i eventually want to get this supply since the 600w version has been solid for several years now.  should be enough for a middle tier next gen card. will try to get that in october or whenever we get our pfds this year (they were early last year due to covid), im toying with the idea of going red this time (dont like nvidia's policy of artificially throttling hashrates and can take advantage of resizable bar this way as well). its going to take about 50 days of mining to get a 32 gig kit (barring any spikes/dips in the price), which i will pick out when i have the funds. 

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