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KSP2 Hype Train Thread


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3 minutes ago, PlutoISaPlanet said:

Omg we basicly got gameplay!!!

Right?? This feels like the most we've gotten to see in....well ever. I'm pretty pumped right now. Best way to start a Friday.

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In a forum post from late 2013,[1] Squad member Jeff C.(NovaSilisko) described an idea he had for connecting many easter eggs into a story concerning a civilization which predated the Kerbals. Experiments with interstellar travel resulted in the homeworld of this "precursor civilization" being flung out into an extremely distant orbit. Before they froze to death, they launched monoliths and other messages onto many planets and moons in hopes of seeding intelligent life. Instead, they created Kerbals, not-so-intelligent life.

The planet would not show up in any map and would be too distant to be observed with a telescope, making locating it by chance nearly impossible. However, players would be able to find transmitters beaming out SSTV signals on various bodies, each one of which would provide part of the orbital parameters necessary to locate it. The planet would be a bit smaller than Kerbin, covered in ruined cities and frozen oceans, and perpetually in twilight due to being so far from Kerbol.

The only element of this narrative which made it into the game is the SSTV transmitter on Duna, which transmits an image originally intended to depict 4 members of the precursor civilization standing on their homeworld, with the logo of their government. Had the narrative story been completed, it would also have contained part of the orbital parameters. Because the story was never implemented into the game, this explanation for the SSTV signal's imagery is arguably non-canon.[2]



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We got a lot of information from that video.

  • We have seen the VAB building
  • We have seen some of the animation referring to the topics of orbit
  • We seen rocket fall apart in space
  • Some wings are procedural
  • VAB shows center of mass, drag, lift, and etc
  • The nuclear engine is back
  • the vector engine is back
  • the Terrier engine is back
  • the Aerospike engine is back
  • the Whisplash engine is back
  • the Launch Escape System is back
  • the MK2 inline cockpit is back
  • the MK2 cockpit is back
  • you can build sub assemblies at the same time while building a rocket
  • parts are organized into 7 categories: x small, small, medium, large, x large, 2x large, and 3x large
  • seems like most solid rocket booster swill make it to KSP2 (Hard to Tell)
  • you can organize parts by size, mass, and type
  • there's a search feature
  • staging is on the right side of the screen
  • there's a giant green button that's says launch
  • There seems to be fuel thank that have an adapter to the Mk2 (I think there 2.5m parts) 
  • the Kerbodyne ADTP-2-3 adapter is back 
  • the j-33 Wheesley Turbofan Engine is back 
  • the Panther engine seems to be there
  • the Thumber Solid rocket fuel booster
  • parts selected by mouse are highlighted green
  • side view
  • uno and redo buttons
  • seems the VAB UI has been through a lot
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I haven't boarded the Hype Train yet (actually, IRRC, this is the first time I enter this section of the Forums) because I use Linux and AFAIK,  unfortunately, KSP2 won't run on Linux.

Does anyone have any news on the subject?

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On 5/14/2021 at 10:12 AM, jlcarneiro said:


I haven't boarded the Hype Train yet (actually, IRRC, this is the first time I enter this section of the Forums) because I use Linux and AFAIK,  unfortunately, KSP2 won't run on Linux.

Does anyone have any news on the subject?

Why wouldn't it run on Linux? I personally think it will for 2 reasons:

1. The original game runs on Linux. KSP-2 is built using the same engine (Unity), and I can't see why they would drop support.

2. Cheating slightly, but Proton compatibility is getting very good. Multiplayer is up in the air (Proton often does not agree with DRM), but the single-player is confirmed to be DRM free.

I hope it supports Linux. I daily drive Pop!_OS, and only use Windows when I need to, such as playing Star Wars: Squadrons.

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I'll write it here cause I don't know where else to post it and I don't want to open another thread.


But one of the things I really hope KSP2 improves is landing interface. And by that I mean a better way of precision landing. I want to be able to carefully pre-plan my flight path in order to land at a specific location. I assume this will be in fact improved, since base building and development seems to be an entirely new mechanic and it would be a pain in the ass with the current unmodded interface. But, just saying, I really hope they do. I am a bit of an IVA player, so I would really like some sort of Scansat instrument.

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6 minutes ago, Zaffre said:

Well... With the recent news I suppose this really is a train now. Heading to another destination, whilst not entirely sure what to expect, but in the end... Leaving the past for good. :/

Recent news? Did I miss something?

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44 minutes ago, Minmus Taster said:

I was waiting for a new feature video...and I got something better...and something that makes me feel depressed.

Very big mood for me (and I assume others) rn. This is definitely a thing to be excited about, and I am excited, but at the same time there's a deep down feeling of sadness knowing that there isn't more for this game (until KSP 2 at least :) )

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