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KSP2 Hype Train Thread


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15 hours ago, GregroxMun said:


Let's gooo! Star Theory don't mess with ksp, it has the greatest fanbase but also the most explosions capability :cool:. I'd rather see ksp 2 cancelled or delayed than getting a no man sky 2. Either you will become gods or devils, fate will tell... 

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Wait for meeee! <huf puf>

Part of the reason of hype is the lack of details that often accompany such an announcement.
You start to wonder how exactly multiplayer will work in practice. How will civilizations improve the KSP experience?
My mind starts to wander...

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Saw this thread and thought "Oh no... missed this and made a post to KSP 2 Master Thread wondering why no hype train was rolling out of the station".

So glad to see my post was 20 hours ago and the OP in this one was 19.

Made this for the 1.1 Hype train... still does the job now I guess.


Plus a suitable rework of another I posted at the same time.


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If they don't implement a more procedural part approach like simplerockets 2, I would not even try it.
I hate the hundreds of parts that limits your creativity, increase your search time, creations that look uglier and unrealistic and crash your PC from lack of memory.

What is the point to have 30 tanks shapes??  or many wing shapes?   
That was the main reason I stop playing KSP. 

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1 hour ago, Cheif Operations Director said:

that is not that bad actually, still I would prefer it to be quicker

I would prefer it to be slower to ensure it's not the mess of code KSP1 is :^)

Actually I wonder how long they have been developing this for already. I have to assume it started pretty much as soon as Take-Two got their hands on KSP.

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