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KSP2 Hype Train Thread


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16 minutes ago, mmamh2008 said:

It should be out 47 minutes ago . Let's just wait one more hour.

I think it releases 5 pm GMT, which is noon eastern time, 11 am central time, 10 am mountain time, 9 am pacific time, and so on. Which means it should have released about 7 minutes ago. Oh well, we'll have to wait another two weeks.  This makes a pattern of releasing every 4 or 6 weeks for about 4 or 5 months, so I think it is safe to assume that the 2 week release schedule is gone. 

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I am so sick of playing KSP 1 - I can't help but play it, it's great even if it's flawed. The HYPE is REAL, give us more info on KSP2 please!!!

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30 minutes ago, gussi111 said:

releasing a tiny bit of info every month, still in pre-alpha after 5 years, no release date, when do they think they are releasing this, 2024?

The trickle of info is kind of useless for predicting release, because all of the info so far could be implemented at almost any point in the development process, even after release if they wanted. Even if information was released every day, it would just be more of the same stuff. Disappointing but not necessarily bad. 

pre-alpha could be concerning, but I think someone else explained it really well, that it just means that whatever build is being shown is not up to date with all of the other features. It just means that the devs might need to put the features we have seen together in one build (UI combined with the background systems combined with the tutorial combined with the planets, etc.), which hopefully won't take long. 

No release date definitely means we won't be getting the game next month, but it means that we just don't know how far out the game is. Depending on how Intercept wants to do its marketing and final development, they could release the game two or three months after an announcement, six months after the announcement but offer a beta a few months in, or just release it around six months out. The flexibility of this really doesn't tell us much about when the game will release. Once again, disappointing, but not necessarily bad. 

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19 minutes ago, BekfastDerp13 said:

I might just buy KSP 1 because I don't have it on my laptop yet. KSP 2 seems far far away...

I recommend everyone enjoys ksp 1 while we wait for ksp 2.

2 hours ago, JoeSchmuckatelli said:



404 Friday Not Found


Might get nothing this Friday...

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Just now, PlutoISaPlanet said:


If it takes 2 weeks, it'll probably have a release date.

It will be 2022 if they don't say it'll release in 2023 before.

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1 hour ago, PlutoISaPlanet said:

It's already releasing in 2023. Not sure If I am following what you mean?

What do you mean?

The steam still says it releases in 2022.

It will be released by April 1st 2022 - March 2023

But by the looks of it it will be in 2022 so far.

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