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KSP2 Hype Train Thread

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Holy mackerel!  I go away for a few weeks to do some bathroom remodeling and spend time underwater with Subnautica, and I come back to this!




BTW: I love this trailer. Very Kerbal with all the stuff breaking, falling over and exploding in the background.  With all the new graphics, it appears the old KSP spirit is there.

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2 hours ago, Gydra54 said:

I would prefer it to be slower to ensure it's not the mess of code KSP1 is :^)

Actually I wonder how long they have been developing this for already. I have to assume it started pretty much as soon as Take-Two got their hands on KSP.

I mean I want a finished product over a mess, that being said I still want it quicker

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I docked the landing module with the orbital carrier without correction engines (RSC because I FORGOT them to deliver) :targetpro:

I think I deserve to play KSP 2 :science:

3 hours ago, KeranoKerman said:

Orion (Drive) will guide us! Prograde till the  release!

Orion has long been in the original KSP


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I am now officially excited for the RSS/RO-2 mod which will obviously include the entire Milky Way. 

Edit: which I forgot to add should also come with a discount code for a desktop Cray. 

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I was fully ready for KSP to fade out as one of the best games ever made. As  soon as I saw the trailer in my recommended, I was smiling.

When I heard the song they picked, my smile widened.

When I saw Orion drives, interstellar travel, and multiplayer...well, does anyone know a good jaw surgeon? I think I might need one now.:D

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Had to jump back on the Forums when I saw that the OG Hypetrain Conductor himself was at the controls. I'm getting serious "the gang's coming back together" vibes from KSP2 and its' trailer! This could be a new gold age for Kerbal Space Exploration and I can barely contain myself!

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I'm getting a bit too old to get seriously hyped about stuff these days but... yay! I didn't see this coming and was already expecting KSP to slowly fade into the kind of dignified retirement that old great games with a significant fan base enjoy. 

My main hope is that they'll fix the stuff that couldn't be fixed in KSP1 -- the garbage-collection stuttering, the physics scaling performance issues, the impossibility to really, genuinely park anything (that's my pet peeve btw), and so on. As far as I'm concerned if they manage that then everything else is icing on the cake. And there's a lot of icing!

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