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Build a KSP2 Hype Train!


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Speeding Mullet's Mullet Dyne C38 Class Hype-o-motive


Jeb: ALL ABOARD THE HYPE TRAIN! Er... where's the train, guys?

Like Jeb, I'm such excite for KSP2. But we can't board the hype train without an actual train. So build us one!


  • Must resemble a train.
  • Should do something awesome, and be worthy of the name "hype train". Need not be limited to Kerbin's surface.
  • There are no other rules. Go nuts.

Certified Hype Engineers

All Certified Hype Engineers are entitled to wear the badge proudly!


large badge:



@Speeding Mullet with Mullet Dyne C38 Class Hype-o-motive, a steam locomotive but with VTOL engines, said to make it most of the way down the runway before suffering from catastrophic hype failure.

@doggonemess with Hypekansen, a bullet train powered by Vectors. The engineer's cabin lands safely in the sea at the end of the runway. The rest of the train, well, generates explosive hype.

@Klapaucius with K.R.A.S.S.H. Industries' Milo Centipede Plane Train, a robotics contraption that takes a tour around KSP airspace and even lands successfully. If you want to take your hype to the skies, this is your new ride.

@The Dressian Exploder with Hype Commuter, a normal-seeming passenger train with secret hype boosters. Because sometimes stealth hype is best hype.

@AHHans with Train of Hype, for your steampunk hype needs. Perfect for old school hype appreciation.

@sturmhauke with Hyperion, which starts life as a high speed train but combines with the experimental spacecraft Iona and suffers from multiple hypermatter disassociative events. But hey, it can get to orbit!

@DRAG0Nmon with Unstoppable Hype V1, a high speed VTO hype train - the L is a bit uncertain, although it at least appears to crash land with minimal damage.

@MarkoeZ with Kerbal Locomotive (well sort of), from an earlier era, demonstrating that old school can still be cool. Even if it ends you in the drink.

  • And again with this KSC tour train, which may be more sedate than some of the others but carries around retired kerbonauts and wealthy civilians in comfort and style. Because you need money to build the hype, after all.

@HyperDraco with Rocket Mallard, for when you can't decide between a train and a drag racer. They are combined here with the power of hype!

@JorgeCS with Hype to the Future, for all your time travel needs. Such as awarding a badge super late exactly when it is needed.

Edited by sturmhauke
can't stop won't stop the hype train
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18 hours ago, sturmhauke said:

I like it. How far does it fly before running out of hype?

It runs out of hype (hard) about 2/3 of the way down the runway.  Its not reflective of my level of hype for KSP 2 though, for that I'd have to create a hype train shuttle and visit Laythe for a Jool STS 1.  Its a (very very loose) copy of a New South Wales C38 class Locomotive by the way so I guess let's name it the "Mullet Dyne C38 Class Hype-o-motive" if you wanted to change OP :)


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ERMAHGERD! Thank you!

Ok so like I've been working on my personal interplanetary hype train, but it's too much hype and it's been crashing my game so I might have to dial back the hype some. I suppose I'll need to make a badge now. @Speeding Mullet, since you have the first entry, can I use your hype train for a badge?

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10 hours ago, sturmhauke said:

Well it's certainly some sort of train... thing. What do you call it?

It's named Milo, after the main character in "The Phantom Tollbooth".  It  is here on KerbalX: https://kerbalx.com/Klapaucius/Milo-Centipede-Plane

You fly it using two KAL-1000 controllers. 

It is the kind of hype train that honors pointless creations, of which I have made more than a few. I look forward to pushing the limits of the absurd in KSP2.  As my company's, K.R.A.S.S.H. Industries (Klapaucius Reliable Air, Space, Sea & Hardware), motto proudly states: Practicality is for the unenlightened.



Edited by Klapaucius
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Some of us are very hyped for KSP2, but are faced with a problem. They live in a place where no Mainline HypeTrainStations exist. Therefore, a smaller, exterior line is required, but there is no easy way to travel on one of these lines in HYPE! Enter DNRA RandomWorks' latest creation, the Hype Commuter:


Non-Hyped people will never know the difference, however for those travelling in HYPE, action group 1 can be pressed and, well:


Hype time!



And, after HYPED journey, you'll pull up to the HypeTrain™ Station in style. Then, the boosters can be retracted and the non-hyped uncultured swines can continue their journey of blandness*.


The Hype commuter can carry up to 156 kerbals, including Driver and other Krew.

Edited by The Dressian Exploder
*Not willing to cause offence to those who are not hyped for KSP2
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The only real hype train is a train full of hype. Here is one with as much hype as I could cram into it.



Start the engine and throttle up to get the fire burning, then press 1 to start the hype. Maybe not as fast as the other competitors, but it can bring carloads of hype to every Kerbal in the KSC.

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I've been working on my own hype train, but it had so much hype it was crashing into the ocean and then crashing my entire laptop. I had to remove a couple mods, but I think I have the hype containment field generator operating within tolerances now. I still have some issues to work out, but here's another look at my hype train, Hyperion.


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