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will ksp 2 have linux support?

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2 hours ago, MechBFP said:

You do realize that it is quite possible to perform certain cheats by modifying the graphics drivers, i.e. files that aren't related directly to the game, right?

Sure. I simply don't care.
The anti-cheat system is garbage if it cannot do it's job without interfering with the rest of the system, and no software vendor has any right to go poking about in my stuff or screwing up my system for their own purposes.
Most anti-cheat systems are kissing-cousins to DRM, and use the same strategies and technologies. Such technologies are defective by design, and the strategies are just another example of the ever-encroaching corporate control over end-user devices.

Cheating, like piracy, will always exist. No technological measure less than hermetically sealing all PCs and encrypting and signing all software will prevent it (and even then it's debatable), and anti-cheat DRM, like anti-piracy DRM, hurts innocent users as much as cheaters and pirates.


2 hours ago, richfiles said:

How many mods are developed by Linux players? Has anyone ever figured that out?

I doubt anyone has counted, but I can say with confidence that several of the oldest and most cherished KSP1 mods were and still are developed on GNU/Linux systems.


1 hour ago, Lord Aurelius said:

It probably comes down to finances unfortunately

Of course it does. Take Two has an army of furniture-absorbingly poophole-retentive beancounters, and if you look at things with that attitude a GNU/Linux port doesn't make sense.
I mean, that's just another example of the catch-22 @Geonovastmentioned earlier, and if it's ever going to change someone has to actually release games for the platform. A shame that those in the best financial position to do so (did I hear mention of ridiculous profit margins somewhere?) are also the least willing.


1 hour ago, Lord Aurelius said:

From a development standpoint Linux has a lot of advantages, but not necessarily for KSP mod development itself.

Well, since Micro$oft bought monodevelop (embrace, extend) and turned it into Visual Studio for Mac (extinguish) we don't really have a .net IDE any more, but other than that...

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I hope there will be Linux support and I think the odds are better than for almost any other game out there. 

I'm fairly certain that Linux is a fairly small fraction of the player base, even for KSP, and that maintaining a Linux version of the game costs more than the profits they bring in directly (and no, it's not as simple as "push button to compile Linux binary" even on Unity, as the significant number of unaddressed Linux-specific bugs shows). However, KSP is a little bit special in that it owes its longevity to mods – and many of the most important, most motivated, and most knowledgeable modders work and play on Linux exclusively. 

I.e. when looking purely at the short-term bottom line, there really isn't much of a case to be made for maintaining a Linux version. But when looking at the long-term viability of the game and the long tail that has certainly brought in the bulk of the revenue, Linux-based modders are crucial, and I'm not at all certain that they would migrate to Windows or the Mac, or be replaced by Windows or Mac-based modders, should Linux support be dropped.

It remains to be seen if Private Division sees it the same way.

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2 hours ago, Brikoleur said:

it's not as simple as "push button to compile Linux binary" even on Unity

It's exactly as simple as building for any other platform. The difference is that bugs in the binary that the "build for Windows" button produces actually get attention, both from the game developers and upstream at Unity. The GNU/Linux and MacOS output, not so much.
The vast majority of bugs in KSP affect all platforms anyway, the only reason there are a number of outstanding GNU/Linux specific items on the tracker is because nobody is doing anything about them.
To be fair, at least half of them are Unity bugs anyway.


2 hours ago, Brikoleur said:

Linux-based modders are crucial

The best (code) modders tend to be hobbyist hackers*, and those tend to gravitate towards open-source hacker-friendly platforms, for fairly obvious reasons.
Without them we wouldn't have such influential projects as ModuleManager, MechJeb  or CKAN, among countless other mods. Mods that directly add value to the game at no cost to the company.
Hopefully there are some beancounters at Take Two who can see that, but TBH (experience breeds pessimism) I expect the corporate mentality (for a game publisher apparently synonymous with "buy out the competition, work the devs to burnout, and squeeze the customers for every cent you can") is too ingrained to see beyond short-term profit predictions and franchise potential.


*Because mass-media and general stupidity, I guess I should link the definition to avoid the inevitable outrage. Sigh.

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5 hours ago, steve_v said:

It's exactly as simple as building for any other platform. The difference is that bugs in the binary that the "build for Windows" button produces actually get attention, both from the game developers and upstream at Unity. The GNU/Linux and MacOS output, not so much.

Yep, exactly. Maintaining something for any platform demands resources, and Linux bugs are neglected because there are so few Linux players compared to Windows or probably even Mac players. It would be very cool if cross-platform compatibility really worked perfectly but there it is, it doesn't.

(The Mac version BTW performs much worse than the Windows version. I used to have an iMac running BootCamp, and the performance difference between the two versions running on the same hardware was... stark.)

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Now I'm tempted to repurpose my old gaming laptop as a dedicated Linux machine just to show support for games on Linux, its more or less the same Clevo model that System76 used for one of their machines so all the hardware should be supported.

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