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Add-on Request: Breaking force required x10 MINIMUM


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Hello KSPForums!

I would like to request a mod that uses the modulemanager to increase the force needed to cause a part to disconnect from another part (via breaking) by a factor of 10, or 100, or 1000. I love to build spacecraft, but after even the slightest sheer forces cause my spacecraft to come apart like a stack of oreos, I feel like I need to modify something.

So, my request for this 'mod': 

  • It should be a modulemanager file
  • There should be 3 versions (x10, x100, and x1000) so a user could choose their breaking-force modifier
  • The mod should effect ALL connection methods (radial or node)

I would do it myself, but I have no idea how these mods work. 

Thanks in advance, and I am looking forward to seeing what y'all can come up with!

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