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Career issue gone from bad to horrible: Contracts.

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career mode sucks currently as it forces players to do things they don't want to do eg who would actually put a sattelite on some crazy inclined, retrograde orbit and you have to pay for the satelite, if you are going to have that type of mission make it pay for the satelite and rocket to launch it as when i do these i make ZERO money

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There are many ways to improve career, from just adopting existing mods to introducing an actual plot.

One of the problems in career is that the only rewards from most contracts are some numbers: obvious credits and some strange reputation. The only exception is saving kerbals. As a result most types of contracts are completely ignored by player. "Why should I test some stupid module in stupid conditions when I can get the same credits for riding tourists on my already existing rocket to already explored body?" So, I think different contracts should have different impact on the game. I have some thoughts on possible improvements:

Part testing. Someone already mentioned contract for part testing in sensible conditions as a way to unlock the part. I have an idea about it. Part supplier provides you with a free part tagged as "experimental", which would explode when it will reach desired flight parameter, making a fireball marking the success of the test. Using these parts for non-testing purposes should be possible, but dangerous. For example liquid engines should be tested for total burn time. And if in your design they work less time, you are ok, congratulations for using free parts*. But if you push the part to the testing limit, then RIP. But then again, at least you will successfully finish the contract. After the contract is over, you unlock the part and receive credits. This creates space for more flexibility, if you are an experienced player and don't want to spend time, you can skip the contract by paying some credits as it is implemented now.

*(The amount of times you can use free parts can be limited so that you don't exploit it very much.)

Kerbin Exploration. These hour-long flights to the opposing side of a planet for some measurements are really dull. It would be more interesting to fly to ground objects and to unlock their functionality. For example, to unlock other MH airfields you should reach them first (and yes, we need more airfields and especially ocean launch and landing platforms). Same with ground stations, reach them to make them operational.

Crew Recovery. Spawn not just capsules, but different ships! Some ships intact and out of fuel, so you can either dock and refill or just save the crew if you don't want credits for the ship parts. Some ships with flaws or damage in their construction unable to land themselves. The reasons of ship being stranded should be relatable to player: out of fuel, forgot the chutes,  forgot solar panels, didn't check staging. This makes the game world look alive. Single capsules without anything do not. Moreover, new players will see other designs and probably will take something from them. And of course there should be more information: what kind of trouble happened and what to expect from the stranded ship, tank sizes, dock-ports, etc.

Plot! At least something that looks like it. For now, the most driving forward contracts are World First, but after you visit Duna you understand that the rest will be the same: new body, same accomplishments. It would be great if there were a series of successive contracts, united by some story. These contracts should lead you through planets, through some easter eggs, will ask you to make some kind of bases, to do some crazy stuff here and there. These contracts can reward you with some unlocked parts, can place some preinstalled stations, introduce some lore, give you some trophies at KSC. And the fact that they are successive and you are unable to skip them will make the ending more desirable. Now there is no ending, and player understands it, so the player stops proceeding and exploring.

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28 minutes ago, desert said:

Part testing

I made a contract pack for this. It totally sucked, so hard I threw it away and never released it.

29 minutes ago, desert said:


I'd like to see a plot that doesn't force the player to go to the "correct" places with the "right" parts and crew. And not just because I don't think it's possible.

I don't mind the unlocking airfields and Space ports thing, so long as I can do it returning from orbit. Oh and there should probably be some way that they're a more attractive launch option than the KSC because generally the KSC is logistically superior.

No opinion on the rescuing thing. I don't like it now and doubt I'll like any improvements to it.

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4 minutes ago, 5thHorseman said:

go to the "correct" places with the "right" parts and crew

I think it can be avoided, but in general this plot thing is tough to implement, I agree. I had easter egg contract pack mod in mind, but mixed with other various missions. They could be standard missions, like launch comm-sat somewhere, but with mission description fitted into the rest of the plot.

8 minutes ago, 5thHorseman said:

some way that they're a more attractive launch option

KSC runway is quite short, so other can be significantly longer. But mostly it changes background landscape for fun and gives quick access to other biomes. For example Arctic base for those ground speed records.

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