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  1. 1. How should rings appear ingame?

    • Typical Kopernicus flat-rings
    • Volumetric cloud-rings
    • Asteroid field rings

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So obviously we all know that they are adding rings to stock. Will it be like the preexisting ones Kopernicus enables, or do you think itll be different somehow. I for one would love volumetric rings, like how volumetric clouds can be modded in. I know having many small asteroids make up the rings would be ideal, perhaps even being able to crash into them, but I could be just fine with "fine dust" rings that are just aestetic; they just really cant be paper-thin though.


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2 minutes ago, VanillaCold (Choc) said:

Personally, I think it should look like Kopernicus rings. Making rings from many tiny asteroids would cause so much lag that it wouldn't be worth it.

Most rings are mostly dust iirc, but I would like to see asteroidal rings. 

Maybe they could do fake rings and asteroid rings? Depending on distance from the spacecraft. 

IIRC, there's actually LARGE amounts of space in the rings themselves. There could be just dust particles with few giant rocks floating around. 

I do remember seeing asteroid fields in the trailer though, so we may be getting rocky rings. 


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We could have a multitude of small bodies in the rings, with mostly just dust and snow. Here's what Saturn's rings are like:



Large rocks (Probably D or E class, in KSP terms) create propellers


Sheperd moons cause ring material to rise up kilometers out of the ring plane.


Moons cause waves and gaps in the ring.

I imagine it wouldn't be something you'd want to fly into at 90 degrees at orbital speed, but we may have a new version of the KSC's bridge challenge, to fly between small gaps in the rings at high speed.

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The rings in Elite Dangerous are pretty cool, and apparently they're on the upper bounds for how dense a ring can be, so perhaps some version of Elite rings with significantly lower density.


Also, those ring patterns look really awesome.

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1 minute ago, Daniel Prates said:

I imagine if flying into them will have any discernible effect, like creating a wake as you displace the particles.

I am all for that kind of kinky sheat, but not at the expense of game performance.

I think it would be cool if they had a similar effect to the atmosphere on things like antenna and solar panels.
So if you were to fly through them with deployed solar panels, they would get destroyed or damaged.

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No matter what is chosen, I hope some research is done to figure out what they would look like up close. I suspect that rings would look a bit diffuse, like a light fog-ish effect, though I'm really just guessing. I haven't been able to find any really close-up pictures online (close as in a few km from the rings).

One thing to keep in mind is that the particles in the rings are moving at orbital velocity, so if you were orbiting around in the same plane, it should be kind-of like floating dust particles. However, if you were moving faster or slower and/or coming in from a polar orbit, then things should look different.

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