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What we already know

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Would be nice to have a pinned thread where we can post about features in KSP 2 that have already been confirmed (or almost) during interviews or videos.

Please contribute your findings and I'll keep updating this first post and listing whatever is discovered.

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-Old parts are still here

-Old solar system is still here

-Ability to build big, big colonies just about anywhere

-Resource mining is revamped to support colonies

-Gravity rings

-New, powerful types of engines, including an Orion Drive

-Interstellar flight

-Colonies advanced enough can produce their own rockets and Kerbals

-Clouds on Kerbin

-Ringed planets

-A young solar system full of ringed planets

-Binary lava planets Rask and Rusk (probably due to a recent collision)

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So PCGamer has had a couple of articles up on KSP 2 already.

https://www.pcgamer.com/kerbal-space-program-2-dev-reveals-how-baby-kerbals-are-made/ : Related to colonization mechanics, NOT NSFW I swear

https://www.pcgamer.com/kerbal-space-program-2-interview/ PC Gamer interview with Star Theory Creative Director Nate Simpson

https://www.pcgamer.com/kerbal-space-program-2-release-date-multiplayer-everything-we-know/ : Summary of details compiled by PC Gamer, mostly the same as what we've seen elsewhere but a pretty decent compilation.

Also, there is obviously the Cinematic Trailer, the Developer Story trailer, and roughly 15 minute video interview with Nate up on IGN and their youtube, good source of pre-alpha footage.

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1 hour ago, cubinator said:

Right here, in the dev trailer: https://youtu.be/2wmJlnTqjSg?t=147

It's easy to miss, but that looks like there are clouds on Kerbin in the gameplay.

It does indeed look like clouds. On one hand, quite obvious, since with all the graphical upgrades it would be really weird to have a cloud-less Kerbin. On the other hand, definitely welcome.


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I found this on YouTube. Looks good, pretty good. Pre alpha screenplay.


I didn't checked the source. :P

POST EDIT — They put the video in private. :(

POST POST EDIT -- Someone else found a new copy.

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Don't forget the ability to repaint parts!

The plain black and white paint job appears most often, but from some bits of gameplay and the trailer, it seems there will also be options to paint everything red, blue, and yellow as well as the potential for straight up unpainted metal.

Edit: Pictures for reference


Lots of evidence for paint jobs here!


Can never forget about the plain old white with black accents! Don't think anyone needs to be told this exists.


Here we see an Orion-powered craft in the red paint job (similar to the mothership at Duna featured in the trailer)


And here's another Orion spaceship, but this time in blue. Which implies that there aren't any limits like "this part can only be this color."


Now we get to the less confirmed, but at least probable options...

In the trailer, there are a few frames of a yellow spaceplane.


And this contrasts the red spaceplane, which not only is red but also seems to have either bare metal or grey paint everywhere else, as opposed to the white paint all over the smaller plane. Perhaps the choice of color involves both a 'primary' color (grey/raw metal) and a 'secondary' accent color (red)?


And we also see a light blue accent on this craft in the trailer, which is different than the dark blue from that gameplay footage. So maybe we can have fine control over the color?


And for the last thing, it appears we might be able to simply choose no paint at all for the craft. Honestly, this stuff looks pretty stylish without any coloring!


Anyway, we'll see what the options really are eventually. Just interesting to speculate for now.


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Added pictures. Hopefully the spoiler cooperates.
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Going to go out on a limb and say there are also cryo-propellants, based on the water vapour clouds visibly falling from the tanks here

I mean, the vapour cloud by itself is also cool neat, plus you can see a water deluge sound suppression system too, and even gas burnoff sparkers as well at various points.

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The wobbly joints have always been a major turnoff for me. Rockets are supposed to be rigid.

Sure mods can fix it, but I'm surprised to see this is still a thing in KSP 2. Spaghetti rockets are not cute, fun or realistic. 

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29 minutes ago, JeeF said:

The wobbly joints have always been a major turnoff for me. Rockets are supposed to be rigid.

Sure mods can fix it, but I'm surprised to see this is still a thing in KSP 2. Spaghetti rockets are not cute, fun or realistic. 

Spaghetti joints seem to have been a half measure between completely rigid body physics and true soft body physics (think beam.ng drive but for balloon tanks). I can't say I think it was a good compromise though, might as well go all or nothing there.

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4 hours ago, sh1pman said:

Really? I didn’t see any clouds in the gameplay footage and screenshots.

If you enlarge the steam page first screenshot, you can actually see clouds over the ocean. It's hard to see but they are there. 


My guess is that clouds will be from space only (planet texture), no in atmosphere clouds. 

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PC Gamers article about Colonies and Population Growth aka "How Kerbals Make Babies"


I hope there's a Sandbox style game too. I don't see me having the time needed to do things as it was described. 

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I just noticed that Jeb is reacting to G-forces inside the plane @4:10 in the video. That's a nice little feature I didn't think about. 

You can clear see the plane rolling do to the sun light fading in and out of the cockpit and Jeb's head is leaning out of the turn. 

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