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The realistic origins of Kerbin (A fan made theory)

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After billion years, the Kerbol system is formed with only Jool and Eeloo. The other rocky planets near Kerbol is just a incinerating hell. Kerbin was starting his history. He was just a 7800km celestial body of lava and hot rocks. Here, dosen't exist the Mun, dosen't exist Minmus. It was just a lava land. A heavy bombardeament occoured in 6,7 billion years ago, with over 100m asteroids hitting the planet, the threat had come... A Duna-sized Kerbol proto-planet is gonna fast to Kerbin. The gravity starts to the chaos. It's now the moment, we will see a suprise...


After the collision, a massive shockwave carried violently the fragments to a 356743km orbit. The gravity starts to do his work and creates a 3500km natural satelite, what is the Mun. The Mun is a bit closer to Kerbin. The days here is only 75 seconds. The planet was cooling down and the Mun was moved back to 11400km orbit. 4,7 billion years ago, volcanoes started to erupt out of the seas of Kerbin. They made volcanic islands and a medium-size continent. It was called Jerithia. 3,3 billion years ago, a  60000m magic-mint comet comes to Kerbin, but Kerbin's SOI pulls him and makes a inclinated orbit, what is now Minmus. 3,1 billion years ago, a heavy massive bombardeament occours in the Mun and some huges made the craters more bigger, which is now the biomes of the Mun. Some fragments did not harmed Kerbin. Million years later, giant continents emerged from the depth of the sea. They have the same format of the actual Kerbin, but don't have the Crater Rim. Life starts to evolute into Kerbosaurs. The days is now 3 hours. Kerbosaurs started to rule out Kerbin, But this kingdom will end.


2,7 billion years ago, a class-D asteroid is coming to Kerbin, in the right direction of the Crater Rim center. The impact made a shockwave that wiped out Kerbosaurs and burned out plants. 1,1 billion years ago, Kerbin is starting his cool down. A small green speck lifeform starts to appear in the burned grass. Millions, millions of years later, Kerbin starts to back to normal. The green speck evoluted to a 0.73cm lifeform, which is now Kerbals. And we are on Year 1. Here, is our actual Kerbin. Kerbals started to build spaceships to other planets and moons. Later, in a near-Future, Kerbals will be a civilization-type 1, which will now colonizate planets, interstellar travel and deep space exploration. This is the end of our history. 




This fan made theory was inspired on the Earth's origin theory, what Kerbin is more older than Earth. (Not actual information)

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