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Ron Devu

Another KIA Kerbal that shouldn't be


     It happened again, and in very similar circumstances. The scenario:


A ship is headed for a bad landing in the mountains with two kerbals aboard, a well qualified pilot and a 0-star scientist. The pilot exits the (one-man) capsule and the scientist transfers to the capsule from the Mark I crew cabin. The scientist EVAs and sure enough has no parachute so he re-boards and decides to ride it in. Meanwhile the pilot has a long parachute glide ahead of him. The pilot has several thousand meters of altitude against about 500 left for the ship. The ship lands well enough to allow a quick ship recovery.

   That sends you to the space center, where you discover the pilot is neither available, nor dead, nor assigned nor missing. He does not appear in the tracking station listing and he's not on the VAB crew list. He has completely vanished. He was last seen 5.3 km from his ship with about 3000m altitude in hand, on a course free of obstacles and moving at a nominal 30 m/s. After about 5 minutes, during which I was bringing down some debris from orbit, the pilot appeared on the KIA list. Maybe he will resurrect after 2 hours, the current game setting.

    We shall see... this time I'm going to leave the persistent file alone and see what happens.

   ..... Ok I took a ship out and warped ahead about 80 days..... Jeb is still KIA.

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