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RealFuels Configs for 10x rescales

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I play almost axclusively in a 10x rescale of the stock system. The main problem is that engines, even with realfuels, are drastically underpowered. Most engines fall in the 200kn thrust range, when you really need engines in the 600kn thrust range for instance.

I've played with a mismash of custom configs to alter engine performance for quite some time. So I've finally decided to produce a mod along the lines of Stock-Realfuels configs, but aimed at making the engines ballanced for 10x rescales.

For mods that are obviously designed to produce replicas of real world spacecraft I've tried to balance tank, engine and part sizes inorder to produce launch vehicles with similar performance and properties as their realworld counterparts. For instance a bluedog Saturn V or Tantares Proton should have performance similar to the real Saturn V or Proton.

For more general engines I've tried to balance them so they fill a similar niche as they do in Stock, but for a 10x rescale. I'm also trying to give more options for fuel use, including solid rockets (so we can use HTPB etc instead of "solidfuel").

At the moment I have full support for:
Stock Expansion: Making History.
Near Future LV

Partial support for:

Planned support for:
Near Future Spacecraft
Kerbal Atomics

I'm at the point where testing is needed. I've tested that everything works without errors, but not done much in the way of balancing.

I resize engines, tanks and sundry parts (decouplers, fins, structural etc) to keep things consistent and allow the building of realistic replicas.

Bear in mind this is still alpha, so there's LOTS of gaps where I haven't configured things yet.

Any ideas or suggestions gratefully recieved. Also, if you have a mod you'd like supported let me know.

Current Alpha:
Alpha 1 - Download

This uses some code from RealFuels-Stockalike written by: NathanKell, Sarbian, and Raptor831


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