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KSP2 Moving / Animation parts idea


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For the developers..

As news starts to come out on various things that have been 'locked in decisions', some consideration please on how the current moving / animation of parts we have with Action Groups could work a little better.

I'd like to see already assigned keys for all moving parts if at all possible rather than action groups and maybe a simple highlighting of the item for that particular part to move.

Yes you could do all this currently with action groups (assign 4 keys for movements) however I'm finding that my modeled parts need to be separate and connected via the nodes in game where I feel someone could create a complete model consisting of all parts (robotic arm as an example) and using different empty axis for each part within, would result in one model to select in game rather than users having to "assemble" the part in game.

I could be wrong in what I've found with the current games moving parts structure, if that is the case then please disregard this thread and educate me on how I could create one model in game that could have multiple moving parts using the same 4 keys for movements.

IR did this very well by clicking the item you want to move with its menu UI. The other way other than highlighting is an option on the part to make 'active'. Not sure how you could do this other than maybe in the cfg file for each individual part of the model it would be listed as maybe through a 'modulepart' flag as a name, then the name of the part in question within the model would display a button like function (like lights on / off) with 'movement active' or similar, or user can configure the name in the config to suit their model.

Just an idea.

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