Launching a small probe to Low Kerbin Orbit (1.5 Stock)

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Some days before, i launched a small probe to LKO. Had build a rocket. It was KerbinLowSAT.  The rocket was Vulcano IV. 

Y1, D23, 03:43:29: Engine start and lift off.

Y1, D23, 03:43:31: Reaching 80.0m/s and pitch down to 25 degrees.

Y1, D23, 03:43:54: Separation of the boosters.

Y1, D23, 03:43:58: Reaching 30km on atmosphere and Apoaphisis 71km.

Y1, D23, 03:44:02: Cut off engines and separating stage 1.

Y1, D23, 03:44:22: Burn Prograde (:prograde:) and acheive 71km orbit.

Y1, D23, 03:44:36: Deploy fairing

Y1, D23, 03:44:42: Burn Normal (:normal:) and acheive LKO.


Ok, this time i launched a small probe to acheive LKO. I couldn't take screenshots cause i'am playing in a another computer. THAT'S IT! :P


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