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KSP2 Cameras / satellite cameras


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For the developers..

I'd like to see made as part of the KSP2 game rather than a mod add-on, cameras and to be able to access them also if a part had disconnected from your rocket. The MAS mod is fantastic with the LCD / CRT screens in receiving the images with extra info to access, so I don't think the game needs to look at reinventing the wheel so to speak in this regard but a general viewing screen won't hurt as a standard in-game cockpit addition.

I'd like to see the cameras also work on a craft (fitted with the screens) if within range, or be accessed if within signal range of a nearby satellite.

Where I could see this working are things like Telescopes (zoom ranges could be modified in a config file to suit for Telescopes), cameras fitted to rockets, separation parts, colony buildings, vehicles / mars like rovers and Kerbal helmets (although images of the latest Kerbal Suits does look like a Camera might already be in place for this) could all be accessed via mission control centre or other crafts provided a data signal is able to receive it. In multiplayer, a player could be looking at exactly what you are, where you are in the Kerbal System or what you are building. I can imagine the cinematic videos now.

Just an idea.

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