The Kraken Katastrophe - Chapter 1: The Virus Origins

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Year 21, Day 29, 05:22:12

The Artemis Space Agency contracted me, Jebediah J. Kerman, Bill F. Kerman and Bob H. Kerman. We are sended to Bop to see strange signals from the corpose of the Deep Space Kraken.

Jeb: -Dragonfly reporting, target at 4km. We are arriving.

KSC: -Ok, prepare the sample scanner.

Bill: - The Leviathan rover will lead us to the corpose to examinate it. The Research & Development have found strange lifeform on it. We are heading to the discover what is it.

Bob: - It's a scary mission, i think it has some kind of a disease on the corpose.

Jeb: - Don't worry Bob, it's a inofensive bacteria.

Jeb: - Target at 800m. Approaching at T- 05:42:22.

Later, we arrived, Bob leaves the Leviathan rover to investigate it. But when he starts the research, he start to feel a bit glitchy and sick.

Jeb: Bob, can you respond us? Bob?

Bob: -...Hehehe...It's the...

Jeb: - What in Kerbal happened to Bob? Let's get out of here Bill!

Bob(infected): - KERBALKIND!!!!!

Bill: - I'am coming, Aaargh!

Jeb: - What happened Bill?

Bill: - I have been bitten by Bob i'am infected only for the next hours. I need an antidote.

Jeb: - We're going to head Kerbin in minutes. Dragonfly, reporting, this is a serious situation. Bill has been bitten by Bob.

KSC: - What? Bob dosen't bited someone.

Jeb: - It's true, Bob has been infected by an virus.

KSC: -What kind of virus?

Jeb: -...The Kraken Virus...


To be continued...



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Kerbals and zombies - what's not to like. :)


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