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Petition for Scott Manley to narrate KSP 2 tutorials

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Honestly I may be in the minority but I really miss text-based walkthroughs. When I'm stuck the last thing I want to do is get on YouTube and wrestle with the complete lack of direction or QA; I want the information I need quickly and concisely. 

As much as I came to enjoy Scott Manly I personally think that VA work won't do him justice; part of his entire appeal is the personality and dumb mistakes that he laughs away. 

That's my 0.02

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Count me as against this. @Brikoleur is correct. It locks down the dialogue and makes it that much harder to change.  That works for a fine cut of a documentary or finished product, it does not work for an evolving game such as KSP2 will be.

And quite honestly, I love Scott Manley, but I did not learn this game from him. I started relatively recently, and all his beginner tutorials are out of date.  I had to look elsewhere because too much had changed and learned from this guy, who is terribly underknown. 

I like not hearing English (or any other human language spoken in KSP). The sounds are Kerbal grunts and chirps mixed with engine noise and explosions (and some birds chirping in the background).

Finally, I just think petitioning the developers is a bit over the top, like a sense of entitlement. We post our hopes and desires, but at the end of the day, the job belongs to Star Theory.  It is also putting Scott Manley in an awkward position vis-a-vis the developers.


Rumor has it that there may be a Scott Kerman.  That seems a way more fitting tribute to me.

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There’s a couple of issues here.


one is he interested in doing this?

realy this is not something he can knock out between his other stuff. 


Also so he goes from being the average outsider looking in to someone who is obviously in the know! With literals up to the second knowledge because he makes and updates there tutorials!


thats not a situation most casual you tubers like to be in because it requires their TO NOT TALK ABOUT IT! 

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13 hours ago, [email protected] said:

Thats not a situation most casual you tubers like to be in because it requires their TO NOT TALK ABOUT IT! 

One of the best things of having kerbals doing the voiceover is that you can make random noises as "kerbal language", and it will be easier on the devs for it can be used on all language versions of the game.

Also, because kerbals are the main characters, having Scott Manley speak human language sounds strange.

However, I am all for Scott Manley doing all the groans, screams and grunts in the tutorial.

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If he is asked to do the ENG audio for tutioral, it would probably be near the date 1.0 goes gold so info is in stone. That said, if he does the ENG audio, there will probably be people asked in the other languagues that the majority of players speak. No more than 7 but no less than three. Things like "You should've checked your staging." I could imagine being recorded and used when you screwup outside the tutiorals. 

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You don't realize that using a third party voice actor is freaking expensive, as you need to buy or rent the studio, on top of paying the voice actor. On top of that considering the plan is to keep iterating on it they may need to update if not replace the tutorial. That can get quite expensive.

This is not a AAA TITAL. They have ways of fundinding unlimited budget games that almost no one here wants. It's not star citisen with backers willingly shoveling seemingly endless millions into a endlessly growing development black hole.

They are a small dev studio with a budget that is just bairly above that of most Kickstarter games. I'd rather they spent the budget on more assets in game than a few min of audio recording.

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On 9/3/2019 at 8:15 AM, The Dressian Exploder said:

it'll make some more KSP1 players buy it.

I would be pretty surprised if you could find a single person who would not buy KSP2, hears Scott Manley is doing the voice over for the tutorials, and then decides to buy it.

Except maybe his mom or something like that.

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