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The Kraken Katastrophe - Chapter 2: A Deadly Threat

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Year 21, Day 42, 04:53:28


Since Bob get infected and Bill almost turned into a weird zombie, he collected the sample for the Research & Development boys. They examined. It's a Class-K virus. Scientific name is Krakeliosis Threoliensis, or, The Kraken Virus. They have containmined  the virus on a -70 degrees Celsius virus freezer.

R&D Guy: - Well, our deadly speck will be secured here. This will not escape it. I think so.

But, he was wrong, the virus can survive extreme temperatures and cold climate. Later, the virus moved away from the pot. It can even camo herself.

Linus: - So what studies Bill had got on the sample.

R&D Guy 2: - It seems that he can survive cold temperatures and hot climate. It's strange...

R&D Guy 4: - Guys, Guys! This is an important news. The Kraken Virus is evoluting faster and he's starting to spread it. IT'S A GLOBAL THREAD!

Linus: - Inform to the VAB and SPH guys! We're running out of time!

Afrer that, it has spread to all Research and Development boys. Kerbin is on danger. Everyone started into panic.

Jeb: Go! Go! Go! We need to be fast!

*Infected kerbal attacks*

*Jeb tackles*

Val: - Are you ok Jeb?

Jeb: - Huh?

Yes, i meet Valentina for the first time. When i looked at her. I have blushed a bit.

Jeb: - ...Yes. I'am fine.

Bill: - Nice to see you are great Jeb! WHAT ON KERBIN IS THAT!!

Jeb: - What? Oh my...

After we runned to the near mountain chain, we have see an catastrophe. Cities are being infected and destroyed by a strange thing.

Jeb: - Bill do you know what is this?

Bill: - Impossible. He can't be awake.

Jeb: - What do you mean?

Bill: - The Kraken...

Jeb: - So that means that Deep Space Kraken awaked and he goes for Kerbin this fast?

Bill: - Yes, we are his pet...


To Be Continued...



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