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ADF-01 FALKEN Replica (Ace Combat) - [100% Stock]


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Gründer Industries ADF-01 FALKEN [Stock]


A super-maneuverable, supersonic jet fighter, the ADF-01 (Advanced Dominance Fighter 01) "FALKEN" is a fictional jet from the Ace Combat series of video games- a rare prototype design produced by the fictitious South Belka Munitions Factory Gründer Industries, featuring a distinct forward-swept wing layout and massive twin engine nacelles sunk into the fuselage, as well as an assortment of fins and canards.

Additionally, the FALKEN is the first production aircraft in the Ace Combat games to prominently feature the fictional "C.O.F.F.I.N." (Connection For Flight INterface) windowless cockpit technology, and in the games is known for its devastating special munitions it can carry (such as lasers, fuel-air bombs, and multi-target missiles ).


For the purposes of KSP, this stock replica of the craft is fairly faithful to the original (fictional) plane- minus a few things impossible to replicate without mods (i.e. lasers or other weapons, and so on).

The engines have been setup to have functional 2D thrust vectoring, and just like in the games this FALKEN is super-maneuverable, with a high amount of wing loading allowing you to pull off some impressive post-stall maneuvers, tricks, and sharp turns.


The C.O.F.F.I.N. camera/sensor array across the nose of the plane has been replicated as well, and the aircraft is indeed manned.


If you choose to do so, mounting mock FAEBs (Fuel-Air Explosive Bombs) to the plane makes for some fun bombing run times attempting to hit space center buildings.


Ultimately, this is just meant to be a fun, fast, and agile replica of a video game plane I'm personally a huge fan of. I originally built it for BDArmory combat, but upon seeing how close I was able to get it to the fictional plane and how insanely fun and agile it handled, I had to stockify it so I could share it around. I hope you all enjoy just as much as I have.

Download Link [KerbalX]


Parts - 108

Mass - 14.32 tons

Crew - 1 Pilot

Powerplant - 2x Panther (2D vectored) w/ afterburners

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1 hour ago, Fraktal said:

Are you gonna build more AC aircraft? The Morgan and possibly the Raven is a no-brainer, Wyvern would need Breaking Ground for the wings.

I've got a few (needed to be gone over to ensure I've left them full-stock) AC planes made, issue is really just getting them to a state where I feel comfortable releasing them and so on.
As for the specific planes you mentioned, I do have a Raven and something I can easily make into a proper Morgan (cockpit is currently COFFIN-style instead of proper Morgan cockpit), but once again those currently are outfitted with BDArmory mod parts so I'd have to refit them to full-stock.



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