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KSP1 DLCs- "Scientific Breakthrough" & "Contractual Obligations"

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I was sitting around thinking about how Squad could improve the career and in the process, I came up with two new DLC ideas (or future update focuses as well as the titles) for Squad to use. The DLC or future update ideas being called "Scientific Breakthrough" and "Contractual Obligations" (the later name is a bit weak admittedly). Focusing on improving the scientific tech tree and the career systems respectively. 

The first idea- Scientific Breakthough- would add actual research at the Research and Development Center- as well as offer improved stats to parts (the upgrade system can be lifted from my old Implementing Upgrades post). However research could be done, allowing players to see how their craft interact with the wind in various attitudes, the numbers behind those calculations (for those savvy enough to know what they mean, though tooltips could make it quite easy to understand). As well as simulated landscapes for rovers to experiment and rove around in. Outside of the RnD center- Kerbals could be more involved with the science collection process, with UIs popping up directing you to find specific surface samples or find a signal by pinging it's location and giving you a direction to head. Or pressing the A & D keys back and forth to set in a drill to get a subsurface sample. Science equipment being able to collect 'idle' science (we continue to collect science from Apollo hardware long after we left).

I would also allow for an ingame tech tree creator. Though there are mods to create your own, they are locked to those who know how to use Notepad++. "But Zoo it's easy!" Yes but I struggle getting Excel to work, much less multiple lines of code and all that. Ingame would make it much easier, and offer many more options. 

My second idea was Contractual Obligations- again, the name is a bit weak so suggestions wouldn't hurt any- Since the tech tree would be improved with the prior idea- this idea would focus on improving the contract system and offer more ways to utilize KSP's engineering challenges. Firstly, contracts would be fleshed out- more purpose and long term goals. Progressive mission trees- go into orbit, now go into higher orbit, longer duration missions (while doing stuff like science at X time, etc) (mirroring early spaceflight with Mercury)- then in orbit operations (mirroring Gemini)- send 2 crew to orbit, etc etc. With the second part of this idea- being the craft component creation. Akin to real rocketry- ULA cannot design both the booster and the payload, and inversely the payload cannot build the rocket. So this suggestion would provide players a booster, or a fairing size and tell the player to make a payload or a booster with X,Y,Z specs. If designing a payload, then players can decide if they want to operate the vehicle once deployed or inversely players can decide if they want to launch the booster they've made. Akin to the existing contract system- if a player actually operates a sim, then they must meet parameters set by the contract to get the additional reward.


Just a few ideas I had. Been sitting on this for a few weeks and just now had the time to post this. 

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I like the idea of a simulated landscape for rovers. 

2 hours ago, ZooNamedGames said:

My second idea was Contractual Obligations

I like this as well.

Many good ideas in this post, I hope the devs pick up on it. 

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