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[KSP1.12.x] RealPlume - Stock v4.0.8 & RealPlume v13.3.2 [25/JUN/2021]


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RealPlume, originally developed for Realism Overhaul enables great looking plumes that display realistic behavior by expanding with lower atmospheric pressure. This mod brings RealPlume to stock parts and to various stock-alike mods.
With @Nhawks17 blessing, this is a continuation of RealPlume-Stock. RealPlume-Stock was previously maintained by Nhawks & DerpyFireworks and was originally created by Felger. Since its hosted with the RO organisation this is a direct continuation, not a fork.

How to Install:

These are REQUIRED in order for RealPlume-Stock to work. These files are included in the download if downloading from spacedock or the packaged github release and do not need to be installed separately. If installing via CKAN these will be selected for you.

Module Manager





SpaceDock (mirror)


Licensed under CC-BY-NC-SA


Please note that the bundled mods are under their own license and particle libraries by different authors within RealPlume are each under their own license in particular.

How it works
A brief explanation since its not always clear to everyone what's doing what.
1. Smokescreen is a plugin created by the one and only Sarbian which allows us to replace the stock particle system with the much more flexible shuriken particles. This more advanced system is what enables the expanding plume behaviour.
2. RealPlume. However smokescreen doesnt do anything by itself. Its a plugin. Enter RealPlume which contains a library of particle models and textures (and some cool sound FX too). RealPlume also has a number of "prefabricated" plumes built using these particles which needs to be applied to the desired engines via Module Manager configuration patches.
3. RealPlume-stock. Again, RealPlume although it contains the prefab plumes, it doesnt apply them. Some mods like BluedogDB or CryoEngines carry their own configuration patches and so will get realplumes if you install just 1&2. However most mods, as well as stock parts, get their configuration patches from RealPlume-Stock. That's all RealPlume-Stock is, a set of Module Manager patches to apply the prefabs from RealPlume to various engines.

4. RealPlume also comes with its own library of sounds and will change the engine running sounds.

This thread is primarily concerned with RealPlume-Stock although since I am now one of the maintainers for RealPlume we can discuss it here too.

Known Issues:

Thrust limiting on engines get reset upon install. BEWARE IN THE KSP TUTORIALS
Switching to a vessel with an engine as a root part will cause the plume to not show.

Due to a stock audio bug, the engine running sound will not reduce when zooming out your view.

Does this work with WaterfallFX?

Yes RealPlume-stock and Waterfall should work together. RealPlume-Stock now has a patch that detects and removes RealPlume configs from individual parts if a Waterfall plume is detected. Thus Waterfall plumes take priority but RealPlume-stock can still configure parts that dont have waterfall configs. If you see any problems please report them to me and not the Waterfall dev as I am taking the initiative to remove conflicts.


If you are suffering from a FPS drop, set the particle limit in the SmokeScreen settings to a lower number. You will need to use the toolbar mod Toolbar continued and press the smokescreen button (make sure you use the drop down menu to enable the Smokescreen button) or press Alt+P to access the SmokeScreen in game GUI. You can also change it in the configuration file inside the SmokeScreen folder after running the game with SmokeScreen once. 

Note that plumes will start to look ugly if the particle limit is too low so its about finding a balance that works for you. If you find the defaults make the plumes look too "thin", because you are clustering lots of engines or are using solid rockets, feel free to bump up this value much higher if your GPU can handle it.

While KSP in general is CPU bound for performance, RealPlume/Smokescreen does benefit from a good graphics card.

Contributions from the community to apply plumes to new engines and submit fixes is always appreciated. I certainly dont have the time or inclination to go after everything; RealPlume has always thrived on community support. Please open a pull request on github and target the development branch.
See the following wiki pages for how to add plumes to a new engine, its quite simple.


Check this page for previews and sample configs for the PLUME node. Note that many of the new prefabs I have added to RealPlume v12.0.0 have new parameters for individual effects, so its best to check the sample configs. I am in the process of updating the wiki.




RealPlume-Stock v4.0.8


Versioning update for KSP 1.12


deconflicts with Waterfall-stock (thanks to Knight of St John)

deconflicts with Fuji (Thanks to Motoki Teraski)

## RealPlume Stock 4.0.7
- deconflicts with Waterfall for Tantares LV and Waterfall Stock Effects

RealPlume-Stock v4.0.7

## RealPlume Stock 4.0.7
- deconflicts with Waterfall for Tantares LV and Waterfall Stock Effects

RealPlume-Stock v4.0.6

Optional old RAPIER plume.

  • new RAPIER plume is known to impose performance issues on some lower end machines. User can go to RealPlume-Stock/Squad or RealPlume-Stock/ReStock and rename the extension of RAPIER_OLD.txt to .cfg
  • User must also delete or disable the existing RAPIER.cfg

Deconflicts with Waterfall for

  • StockWaterfallEffects
  • Luciole
  • Knes

Update .version file


RealPlume-Stock v4.0.5
- revert global waterfall deconflict patch due to audio issue untill/unless it can be resolved in RealPlume core

I think I have an idea how but not 100% sure actually. Even if I can solve part of the audio issue I foresee another problem I didnt think about with respect to how the powerEffectName is patched.

Waterfallfx deconflicts for
- Near Future Launch Vehicles
- Near Future Spacecraft
- Near Future Propulsion
- Kerbal Atomics


RealPlume-Stock v4.0.4


  • Global WaterfallFX deconflict patch (courtesy of LeopardEnthusiast on KSP forums).
  • Update .version file for KSP 1.11


  • Stock NERV plumes disappearing


RealPlume-Stock v4.0.3


  • Deconflict Restock and RestockPlus RealPlume patches with WaterfallRestock. Waterfall will take precedence for plumes if WaterfallRestock is installed together with RealPlume-Stock.


RealPlume-Stock v4.0.2


  • Fixes for restock and Vens conflicts
  • fix bugs in Tantares Delphini engine config
  • Some restock fixes for KSP 1.10
  • Remove R4D11 config for SLS (its an RCS part)


  • Update .version
  • Update module manager to v4.1.4
  • Update RealPlume to v13.3.2

Known issues

  • Restock poodle is suboptimal due to large difference in bell size between single and multi nozzle variants. No solution at present.

RealPlume-Stock v4.0.1

## Fixes

- Fix restock Mainsail config
- Make Vens Stock Revamp core install (only new parts added by Ven's) and Restock work together.

RealPlume-Stock v4.0.0


Update .version file
Update bundled RealPlume to v13.3.0
Update bundled Smokescreen to v2.8.14

Configs for new restock engines (new mainsail, skipper, Making History KE1 Mastodon)
Configs for Commonwealth Rocketry Establishment
Configs for Luciole
Configs for Near Future Aeronautics (Courtesy of @coyotesfrontier )
Configs for RAPIER engine, stock and restock (Courtesy of @Scialytic) - Smokescreen v2.8.14 essential for this
Config for Dart aerospike engine (Courtesy of scialytic)
Configs for Making History LVT-X87, KE-1 Mastodon (Courtesy of Scilaytic)

RealPlume-Stock v3.1.0


Update .version file
Update bundled RealPlume to v13.1.0
Update bundled ModuleManager to v4.1.3
Configs for CNAR (Completely NonAggressive Rocketry)
Configs for new ksp 1.9 Mainsail and Skipper


Fix ReStock Pug




  • Fix SRB configs for ReStock 1.0
  • Fix Missing History conflict with ReStock
  • Clean up ReStock patches
  • Update .version file



  • Support for new ReStock Making Engines and new ReStock+ engines


  • Update .version file
  • Update bundled RealPlume to v13.1.0
  • Revamp ReStock kerolox plumes with new ones added in RealPlume v13.1.0
  • Revamp Tantares LV kerolox plumes with new ones added in RealPlume v13.1.0
  • New plume for ReStock Rhino


  • Update ReStock patches to handle new MM patch order in ReStock
  • ReStock NERV plume tweak




  • Update .version file
  • Update bundled RealPlume to v13.0.1


  • set plumes using cryogenic_upperBlue_CE to default emission mult


new additions

  • Update for KSP 1.8.x
  • Support for Fuji
  • Support for Tantares
  • Support for KSP 1.8 SRBs
  • Support for SSR Microsat and launcher vehicle


  • Update .version file
  • Update bundled RealPlume to v13.0.0
  • Update bundled Module Manager to v4.1.0
  • Update bundled smokescreen to v2.8.7
  • revamp NFLV plumes
  • Redo all existing Tantares LV configs with new plumes, add missing engines


  • Fix Knes viking SM
  • Fix ReDirect AJ10



  • Updated .version file
  • Initial Support for Tantares


  • Updated .version file
  • Special handling for Kerbal Atomics multimode patch for the stock and ReStock NERV
  • remove NEEDS:!ReStock from MH engines
  • Fix MM patching for plumes modified at FOR:zzRealPlume (affected some aerospike engines in stock and RLA stockalike)


  • Updated bundled RealPlume to v12.1.0
  • Updated .version file
  • Complete Knes configs. Add new plumes to existing engines and complete missing ones
  • New Nuclear plumes for Kerbal Atomics (except for Aerospikes)
  • New Nuclear Plumes for Atomic Age engines (as used in Space Tux Industries and Missing History)
  • New plumes for ReDirect liquid engines.
  • New methalox plumes for Near Future Launch Vehicles
  • New exotic plumes for Near Future Propulsion.
  • Add missing configs to Space Y (Rocket Witch)
  • Add missing configs to Fuel Tanks Plus (Rocket Witch)
  • Add missing configs to Modular Rocket Systems (Rocket Witch)
  • Fine tune some ReStock plumes.
  • Disable patches for in development ReStock engines until they are released.
  • Fix SXT MEM lander config.


  • Update bundled RealPlume to v12.0.0
  • Update bundled smokescreen to v2.8.5
  • Update bundled Module Manager to v4.0.3
  • Update MM patches for stock engines to not run when ReStock detected
  • Add specific configuration patches for all ReStock engines
  • Add support for ReStockPlus engines
  • Add support for revamped stock engines
  • Add support for Explodium Breathing Engines (thanks Gordon Fecyk)
  • fixes for Vens Stock Revamp (Thanks Woeller)
  • fixes for Missing History (Thanks Woeller)
  • fixes for stock engines (Thanks Woeller)
  • support for reDIRECT (Thanks Woeller)
  • Knes update and new configs (Thanks Woeller)
  • Add support for FTmN Atomic Rockets (Thanks Rocket Witch)


  • Updated Module Manager to v3.1.3
  • Updated Making History configs
  • Updated Sounding Rockets config
  • Updated .version file


  • Updated Module Manager to v3.1.1
  • Updated Squad configs 
  • Updated Making History configs
  • Updated Ven's Stock Revamp configs
  • Re-added .version file


  • Updated Module Manager to v3.0.6
  • Updated SmokeScreen to v2.8.0.0
  • Added engine configs
  • Fixed configs missing various syntax


  • TweakScale support added
  • Updated Module Manager to v3.0.1
  • Updated SmokeScreen to v2.7.6.1
  • Added engine configs

Older changes: https://github.com/KSP-RO/RealPlume-StockConfigs/wiki/Changelog



RealPlume v 13.3.2


  • Kerolox sea level plumes now larger in vacuum courtesy of CaptKirk
  • fix some float curve errors

RealPlume v 13.3.1

## Fixes

- Make new methalox air breathing prefab work with mods that change ModuleEngines* name (courtesy of Scialytic).

RealPlume v 13.3.0

## New
- New HTP  plume
- New Pentaborane plume
- New Kerolox Lower Aspirated plume
- New Kerolox SL Film Cooled plume (courtesy of @Katniss218)
- New Methalox airbreathing plume for RAPIER etc (courtesy of Scialytic)
- New Aerospike plume (courtesy of Scialytic)
- New Aerozine50 vacuum plume
- 2 new sound effects courtesy of @Beale

## Updates
- Change colour of Alcolox plume
- Fixes for Az50 sea level plume
- Convert all sound files from wav to off (halved the size of the mod!)
- Sea level hydrolox plumes fade from red at sea level to blue in vaccum (Cryogenic_LowerRed_CE & Cryogenic_LowerSSME_CE)
- Additional small shock cones added to Cryogenic_LowerSSME_CE

## Fixes
- Minor float curve fixes
- Add missing textures

RealPlume v13.2.0



  • All new alcolox plume with shock diamonds
  • all new hydyne plume
  • New abort plume for LES systems (uses sep motor plume but with added smoke)


  • Fix repeated keys in some plumes causing minor float curve errors
  • Fix broken shaders on Methalox and Hypergolic orange .mus (apparent on 1.8+)



  • Move obsolete plumes to deprecated folder (has no impact on patches, they are not being removed, this is just to make it more obvious what is current).
  • Upload new FX 
  • 2 new kerolox sea level plumes to supersede all previous ones.
  • 1 new kerolox vacuum plume to supersede all previous ones.



  • path fixes for Kerolox_lowerNk33
  • change some start up sounds
  • add emissionMult to cryogenic_upperBlue_ce
  • add missing alphaMult and saturationMult to cryoengines derived plumes where relevant
  • tweak shock cones on cryogenic_lowerRed_ce
  • change running sounds for methalox plumes
  • correct float curve errors


New Additions

  • Update for KSP 1.8.x
  • Kerolox NK33 plume (aimed at clusters like Tantares N1 1st stage)
  • Hypergolic Vernier Red plume
  • Upload new effects by me (Zorg, BY-NC-SA 4.0)
  • New methalox lower shock plume (multi segmented plume with realistic shock diamonds)
  • Add hypergolic lower orange shock plume (multi segmented plume with realistic shock diamonds)
  • Hypergolic upper orange plume
  • Hypergolic vernier orange plume
  • Cryogenic orange vernier plume

Breaking change

  • Replace methalox upper entirely with new FX. Any configs using Methalox_Upper need to be rewritten. (already done on realplume stock side)


  • Add decluster and emit on update to legacy hydrolox plumes
  • Update expansion behaviour of hypergolic upper red and hypergolic upper yellow
  • fix audio file patch in Cryogenic_upperBlue_CE
  • boost volume for nuclear solid core plumes
  • fix engage audio scaling for several prefabs
  • Update cryogenic lower ablative plume 


  • Add global saturationMult for all plumes (default to 1 ie no change if undefined in PLUME node)
  • Add global alphaMult for all plumes (default to 1 ie no change if undefined in PLUME node)
  • Add new Hypergolic_LowerRed a multi segment plume with realistic shock diamonds (ideal for UDMH+NTO engines).
  • Add Kerbal Atomics FX (all rights reserved, used with permission from Nertea)
  • Add new Nuclear Solid Core LH2 plume
  • Add new Nuclear Solid Core LOX augmented plume
  • Add new Nuclear Gas Core close cycle plume
  • Add new Nuclear Gas Core open cycle plume
  • Add Near Future Propulsion FX (all rights reserved, used with permission from Nertea)
  • Add Near Future Propulsion sounds (all rights reserved, used with permission from iOSYS, (Alex Catamo)
  • Add new VASIMIR Argon Plume
  • Add new VASIMIR Xenon Plume
  • Add new Pulsed Inductive Thruster Plume
  • Add new Magnetoplasmadynamic Plume
  • Add new Ion Argon plumes (gridded and hall effect)
  • Add new Ion Xenon plumes (gridden and hall effect)
  • Add NFP sounds to legacy Ion plumes
  • Add saturationMult density curve to reduce saturation slightly when expanded to all kerolox plumes, new and old.
  • Change flare effect in Hypergolic_UpperWhite
  • Path fixes in Methalox Lower, Hypergolic Upper White, Hydrolox Upper Blue
  • Add missing NFLV effect
  • Fix methalox upper alphaMult
  • volume fixes for Hydrolox_UpperBlue
  • Add missing ReStock FX texture for Hypergolic_UpperWhite
  • Update 000_zRealPlume.cfg to set default values for new plume parameters if undefined


  • Add new FX from Nertea from ReStock, Near Future Launch Vehicles and Cryo Engines (all rights reserved, used with permission)
  • Add new FX from JadeOfMaar from Plume Party (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)
  • Add 17 new plumes based on the newly added FX
  •  CryoLowerRed
  •  CryoUpperBlue
  •  CryoLowerAblative
  •  MethaloxLower
  •  MethaloxUpper
  •  Hyperlogic upper white
  •  SSME
  •  Kerolox lower blaze
  •  kerolox lower sparrow
  •  kerolox lower ibis
  •  Kerolox upper eagle
  •  Kerolox vernier eagle
  •  Hydrolox lower blaze
  •  Hydrolox upper
  •  Hypergolic upper red
  •  Hypergolic upper yellow
  •  Turbo exhaust
  • Add 2 new Jet plumes (by Gordon Fecyk)


  • Always create new effect nodes since KSP combines them anyway (allows them to be edited individually later)
  • Merge engage, disengage, flameout patches into the main plume patch
  • Many simplifications to the patches
  • Allow multiple plumes of the same type on one part by looping until they are all processed
  • Add plumeIdentifier to each effect node that is created, making it easier to identify and modify with other patches after RealPlume (defaults to the plume name)
  • Add Kerolox-Exhaust plume for sooty kerolox turbine exhaust, effect from ReStock by Nertea

Older changes on release page:

RealPlume-Stock Contributors:
Felger - The original maker of the mod
@sarbian - Created smokescreen
@Nhawks17 - former maintainer
DerpyFirework -former maintainer

Community contributors to RealPlume-stock configs:
@woeller, @Rocket Witch, @Gordon Fecyk. @Scialytic, @coyotesfrontier,

Prefab Contributors to RealPlume core 

@Katniss218, @Scialytic

FX (particles and sound) contributors to RealPlume core

@Nertea, @JadeOfMaar, @Beale

Additonal credits:
Nazari1382, ferram4, Dragon01, Kickasskyle, Probus, Svm420, randazzo, nanuschao, amo28, NoMrBond, jsolson, politas, Andrew2448, OhioBob  (from the old thread, apologies if I missed anyone).

Special thanks to @blowfish for encouraging me to take this on and helping me get set up.



RealPlume has been updated with 17 new prefabs built using new particle FX from @Nertea (orginally from near future launch vehicles, cryoengines & reStock) and @JadeOfMaar (originally from PlumeParty). Huge thanks to both of them for allowing me to upstream them into RealPlume and for providing a few customised effects for my needs.

I hope you agree they look nice, some of them are also more particle efficient than many current prefabs for instance some of the new Kerolox plumes. These are all added as new prefabs, it doesnt replace anything so new configs are needed to apply them. Please note that most of these have new adjustment parameters, please follow the link in first post to the wiki to obtain sample configs.

I am looking into new NTR plumes built using new Kerbal Atomics FX in the future.

List of newly added plumes: https://github.com/KSP-RO/RealPlume/issues/47


What many of you have been waiting for, official support for ReStock! ReStock engines are configured mostly with the new plumes mentioned above. They are seperate from the normal stock engines and the plume type matches the fuel type of the IRL engine they are inspired by so the configs are very different to regular stock. There are also a number of other updates, please see the changelog above.


Edited by Zorg
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31 minutes ago, BudgetHedgehog said:

It''s funny - literally about an hour ago, I was lamenting the lack of the plume expansions with ReStock. And along you come and save the day, you absolute hero. Thank you! :)

Also, fifth, I guess.

Haha you're welcome. Let me know if you spot any issues with reStock engines as these are fresh configs.

24 minutes ago, Jognt said:

Thank you for the play-by-play on what mod/plug-in does what! Ive been wondering about that for a while!

also: nummer zes :P 

Yeah its something that confused me the first time I came across this mod a while back. Thought I would try to clear things up.

11 minutes ago, RealKerbal3x said:

Thank you very much for reviving RealPlume, @Zorg! It’s become indispensable for me.

Are all of the mod compatibilities from the previous version of RP continued?

Indeed. This is a direct continuation of the previous version of RealPlume-Stock and comes with all the previous compatibility files. Its even the same repository and not a fork (since its part of the RO organisation). The new plumes in RealPlume core are additions and dont replace anything so old configs are still valid.

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Just now, coyotesfrontier said:

Are there Methalox plumes in the latest release? Now that we know what a Methalox plume actually looks like in real life, I think it's time for them to be added.

Yes there are! They are built on the "stock" Near Future Launch Vehicles plume FX. They are nice and purple although not an exact match for the Spaceship hopper (maybe a future project, I have an idea).


NFLV configs within RealPlume-stock are not updated. I wrote custom configs within NFLV itself which overwrites the old RealPlume-stock configs with methalox plumes stored within that mod (identical to the ones I added here). This was before I considered taking over this mod. I guess I should resolve that at some point for neatness' sake but it all works.

This is the list of newly added plumes


Still in the process of updating the wiki with previews and sample configs. Havent added the methalox ones there yet.


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30 minutes ago, Zorg said:

Yes there are! They are built on the "stock" Near Future Launch Vehicles plume FX. They are nice and purple although not an exact match for the Spaceship hopper (maybe a future project, I have an idea).

  Hide contents

NFLV configs within RealPlume-stock are not updated. I wrote custom configs within NFLV itself which overwrites the old RealPlume-stock configs with methalox plumes stored within that mod (identical to the ones I added here). This was before I considered taking over this mod. I guess I should resolve that at some point for neatness' sake but it all works.

This is the list of newly added plumes


Still in the process of updating the wiki with previews and sample configs. Havent added the methalox ones there yet.


That's amazing! You don't know how long I've wanted this, lol.

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1 hour ago, Gordon Fecyk said:

Yay for including Explodium Breathing Engines. This one already worked because the blue jet particle models already existed, but I've always wanted to properly integrate those plumes with RP-Stock.

Not at all, thanks for submitting the configs and prefabs. I hadn't made the connection between your github name and forum name, updated the credits :) 

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Thought I would preview some of the stuff added to realPlume core and are now being used by RP-stock configs:


Cryogenic_LowerSSME_CE, a very transparent SSME plume, barely visible against light backgrounds. Derived from ReStock SSME/Mammoth plumes. Seen here on a SOCK shuttle with ReStock Vectors (with cryoEngines LH2 patch)


Hydrolox_LowerBlaze is a rather energetic blue sea level cryo plume. However in the vacuum expanded form it looks about identical to hydrolox_upperBlue


Hydrolox_LowerBlaze at sea level. This is based on PlumeParty BlueOrigin FX


Kerolox_UpperEagle based on the PlumeParty Eagle plume, a new kerolox upper stage plume


Hypergolic_UpperWhite based on ReStock Wolfhound FX, it should be suitable for a lot of pressure fed hypergolic engines such as Apollo SPS


If you like a bit of colour, thers also Hypergolic_Upper_Red and Yellow (red seen here). These are all built with PlumeParty FX.


we have the SSME plume here again but of note is the flamey looking Kerolox_LowerBlaze and the new kerolox gas generator effects. Both from PlumeParty FX.


A wider look at Kerolox_LowerBlaze


By bringing plume boundary effects under control, the new kerolox plumes are more resilient against turning into a white blob during expansion when clustered


In addition to the plume party based hydrolox upper, we have Cryogenic_UpperBlue which is a slightly different looking one based on FX from CryoEngines


Cryogenic_LowerAblative_CE is actually a custom plume I created for the new CryoEngines which I have brought into RealPlume. A orange hydrolox booster plume for engines with ablative nozzles like the Delta IV RS68


Cryogenic_LowerRed_CE is another import from CryoEngines (its now used on ReStock Skipper for instance) and is similar to the SSME plumes but a bit more visible. Has 2 shock cones which fade out one after the other during ascent.

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Probably going to have another release fairly soon, in a few days time. A few small bugs are being fixed on the RealPlume side and some tweaks on the RealPlume-Stock side (plus the additions above from Rocket Witch). 

The main thing in the next update will be all new nuclear plume prefabs based on FX from Kerbal Atomics. These prefabs will actually look pretty similar to the "stock" versions of these plumes as they are designed like vacuum plumes. But RealPlume will add the underexpansion you would expect in atmosphere. The plume names are derived from the type of engine the effects were used on in Kerbal Atomics.

LH2 solid core


Lh2+ LOX augemented solid core


Closed cycle gas core


open cycle gas core (for engines that are war crimes by their very existence)


I will be applying these to Kerbal Atomics so the realplumes will look as good as the stock plumes and also to ReStock NERV and Missing History porkjet nukes.

I will try to make the Kerbal Atomics aerospike plumes at some point but it will be quite challenging so no promises.

There will also be an update to Near Future Spacecraft coming.




Edited by Zorg
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Just now, Motokid600 said:

Are the plumes linked here https://github.com/KSP-RO/RealPlume/issues/47  in the OP included in the download or is this separate?

They are all included with the version of RealPlume bundled in the download link in the OP. Currently they are only applied to ReStock engines. (also similar versions of those plumes are used on Bluedog Design Bureau, Near Future Launch Vehicles and CryoEngines)

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3 hours ago, Nhawks17 said:

Congrats to everyone involved in the revival of this wonderful mod! I look forward to watching the continued development of this. The updated and additional plumes look amazing. Hope everyone continues to enjoy this wonderful mod :) 

Thank you so much for the encouragement and for all the work you did previously on this mod! :) 

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Another update on whats coming in the next release of RealPlume and RealPlume-stock, still WIP:

New VASIMIR plumes based on Near Future Propulsion FX. The Vasimir plumes, like the Kerbal Atomics nuclear ones above will look nearly identical to the originals when in vacuum.





The MagnetoPlasmaDynamicThruster (MPDT) plume is also based on the MPDT engines in Near Future but the version I made looks a bit different, its bigger and more expanded. The lithium MPDT drives can stop using old hydrolox plumes soon :P


Another update is that I have added a global parameters to control the saturation and alpha transparency of the plumes. these are new features added in Smokescreen 2.8.5. The  alphaMult parameter in particular is very useful to make a plume more transparent without lowering emission. Lowering emission can impact the look of the plume. It is especially handy when configuring an engine with multiple nozzles and helps avoid the situation where you get big bright blob where the plumes overlap. I would encourage anyone else working on configs to try this out.

alphaMult = 1 (if not defined in the PLUME node, it will default to 1, ie no change)


alphaMult = 0.3


Yes the Porkjet nukes will get the new nuclear plume configs in addition to Kerbal Atomics (via Missing History and Space Tux Industries)

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