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Rotational Servos - How?



I have not had any luck at finding any tutorial or guide to actually make the servos rotate, and I cannot seem to figure it out on my own.  

I have attached the rotational servos to the wings, and put an engine on it that I want to rotate 90 degrees.  How do I make the servo actually move once I've launched?  

I've gone into action groups and added 'toggle engaged' to one action group, but pressing it does nothing.  I've tried adding a controller, and mapped a rotation on the editor, but the same thing - once I've launched, the action group comtrolling the controller has no effect.  

I'm sure there's a blurb or article on how to do this, but typing the word robotics, servo, rotational or any combination there of only gets me tons of posts that don't actually answer the question of how to use them.  Thanks for any help!

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If you right-click on the part and adjust the rotation angle on it, does it move?

--> yes -- your problem is with your control scheme

--> yes but the part you've attached doesn't --> your problem is that you attached your part to the wrong half of the servo

--> no -- your problem is with autostruts or Kerbal Joint Reinforcement if you're using it; KJR is not compatible with the Breaking Ground robotic parts

That's all I can think of. If this didn't help, could you share your craft file? I'd be happy to take a look and troubleshoot it.

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