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Bin Chicken Inc.
WIP Thread


Service Modules:

Somewhat inspired by SHDI Service Module System and a very old (5+ years ago) mod, that from memory was called "SM Service Module" and somewhat inspired by real life, i have decided to give this a go. 
The scope i have set for myself is for a family of stock-a-like service modules similar to that found on Apollo, Orion and also some of my own concepts.
being an Australian i have decided to name these after Aussie birds
I plan on making a few different 2m variants for different missions. but to start with ill be just doing some intended for Kerbin orbit and for operations within Kerbin's SOI.
These modules will contain a verity of consumables and may or may not include other functions such as built in decouplers and other functions as i learn how to implement them. 
I use 3ds Max as my 3d modeling software as it is available to me for free through my university. I have tried blender, however i cant stand it!

I would be interested to hear any criticism weather it would be about game balance or about the models themselves.

I also would like to say that i have absolutely NO SKILL IN MAKING TEXTURES AND SKINS! If anyone would be interested in texturing these models please let me know.
You would have a free hand in creating stock-a-like textures and i would be happy to credit you for your work
So without further ado, lets get started....

SM-16 "Kookaburra" Service Module:

The SM-16 is intended to be like the Apollo service module. It is designed for Munar and Minimus Operations


So far it contains:

  • Decoupler
  • Fuel and Oxidiser
  • Monopropellant
  • Electric Charge

I would also like to add:

  • Antennas 
  • Service Bay
  • A Small Science Experiment



SM-2 "Bell Bird" Service Module
The SM-2 is currently being modeled, but is based of the Orions service module. it is designed for Kerbin Orbital Operations 



Also Planned are other service modules designed for long duration missions such as interplanetary transfers and also remote controlled modules for cargo and utility purposes 

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Aussie Represent

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pro tip, in the final texture, remove the uv image

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