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Hi everybody,

In the developer trailer we could listen to some of the music from "coupestudios". Do they also compose the game soundtrack?

The music in KSP1 was cool. But meanwhile i prefer to listen to soundtracks from apollo 13, the martian or recently from "first man" when i play it.. Whats your favorite music while playing KSP?

I hope with KSP2 we will get the same style of music like in the first game, just with more tracks. or longer samples/loops.

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I have no idea what sort of music they'll have in-game (that wasn't among the stuff they demoed to us when we visited their studio).

However, I can say that they do have a guy whose full-time job is to be a sound editor/creator-- they introduced us to him when we were touring the studio.  He had the best office in the place (i.e. separate office with acoustic baffles on the walls and all sorts of fancy sound-editing equipment and such).  So, based on my highly scientific method of goggling at the racks of equipment (and bearing in mind that I'm just a software engineer and entirely ignorant of sound engineering, so I'm not exactly the most qualified judge), and the fact that they've got a full-time professional on it, kinda gives me the impression that they're taking sound seriously on this go-round.

(Admittedly, I have no idea at all what sort of resources KSP 1 put into this, so I'm not in a position to know whether this represents a step up or not.  Like I said, I'm an ignoramus about this stuff.)

I realize that the topic of this thread is specifically music and not sound in general, but hey, he had at least one music keyboard in there, and I thought it might be of interest.  :)  Like I said, they didn't demo any music for us, and I don't actually know whether they're developing their own music in-house or not.

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11 hours ago, Rosco P. Coltrane said:

This corner perhaps? This is the guy I remember from PA:


I believe that's the guy, yes.  Howard Mostrom.  (Can't attest definitively because I'm appallingly bad at remembering names and faces, and we only met him briefly.)

Not that actual office, in the video, since it shows a window and his current one is an interior room, but that video is from 2013 and I think they've moved since then.  (Their current office is in Bellevue; Wikipedia sez they used to be in Kirkland, back when the company was named Uber Entertainment.)  But yeah, the general feel of the room is the same.  Packed full of what I can only describe as gear:)

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