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What about hoses and tubes to remove connect things. Specifically hoses so we can remote mine on large craft. Then you just get a small vessel with some mining stuff on it and you take it out to mine and hook up the hose and go to your mining spot. This could help with orientation of mining equipment. It would also be nice if it can be done with and without kerbals help for drones. Either preconnected or the ability to use an arm or something to connect the hose.

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I would love a stock KAS. Not just tubes and hoses but also linkages, tow cables, ground anchors, and so on. Designing bases with KLAWs works but is clunky, and tow cables would make packaging them much easier -- for example you can ship a base module flat in a cargo bay, then pull it upright with a tow cable and ground anchor.

So big thumbsup for this suggestion!

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I feel that hoses and tubes would share the same problems as tethers in KSP, as per my past opinions on the matter:

On 10/15/2018 at 9:36 AM, sumghai said:

I'm somewhat ambivalent on adding tethers to the stock game, unless they could be implemented properly.

The KAS-based tether implementation is a good first draft, but has the drawback that it is essentially drawn as a straight line between the Kerbal and the winch - the tether would then pass right through other objects without being obstructed or wrapped around them as expected, and wouldn't even cater for self-collisions.

Ideally, I'd like to see realistic tethers with rope physics, but that would require the game to approximate the tether game object with a (very) large number of rigid bodies and joints, which (like high part count vessels) would lead to significant performance issues in the game engine. That being said, the Obi Rope asset for Unity looks promising, since their creators claim that their system does not rely on rigid bodies/joints.

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You sir, are a mad man. Adding stuff like this is a great idea! You could have a large(ish) ship with low fuel, and an asteroid mining base and fuel that way, I can say how many times I have ran out of fuel when trying to dock to a place, once, it was a large ship, in orbit of kerbin, I lost the ship, luckily I was able to save the crew by taking them on a shuttle, but jeb, the captain, died. I was soooooooooo mad cause I was going to fast and hit the station, even worse, it was the solar panel wing, so the station lost power until I docked (horribly) a new solar panel wing. I lost the world sadly. I still blame the oberth class that I had docked at it for the loss of that ship.

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