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Kerbal filming has just released a press announcement saying that they are coming out with a new sci-fi movie! Here’s the problem, there’s no movie!:confused: So they called the center of space exploration (you) and asked if you would make a storyboard and ships for them. “Feel free”, they say, “to even make the movie for us and put it on YouTube!”


•Must have at least 1 spaceship in the movie (interior scenes are optional).

•Must have a plot.

• Needs 2+ characters.

• Mods are allowed, but try to get creative!

• Remember, not all your ships have to be spaceships. You can make fighter planes, boats, cars, or even buildings!

Best of luck and put your storyboard (and link to your movie, if you made one) down below!

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Can you use a movie (or part of one) that you've already made?


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