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Breaking Ground DLC on console


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I just created an account on the forums, so I apologize in advance if I’m posting this in the wrong place.

Im hoping to get some information about the breaking grounds DLC. I am playing on Xbox 1. I was just wondering if anyone has any updated information on the subject. From what I understand, it took a while for the making history DLC to be released on consoles. I only just recently began playing and, by that time, making history had already been made available.

I looked around the forums and other sites for any information relating to its release. I found a lot of speculation on the part of other players, but couldn’t find any “official” information.

Maybe I’m looking in the wrong place? Maybe I can’t find it because it’s not there? Can someone point me in the right direction, such as an official announcement or the like? 

I really cannot get enough of this game! I’ve been hooked for the past two months straight! I would really love the ability to have the expanded  scientific rover tools and arms! I’m really looking forward to all the other components made available in breaking grounds. 

Again, if anyone has any information on this, I would appreciate it!

Thanks in advance!

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Hello @Tangoromeolima and welcome to the forums.

I play on PC (Linux) so I don't pay too much attention to KSP on console issues, but what I learned from "listening" to other is: a) You've mostly come to the right place by asking in the forums here. Although I don't know if the BG subforum is the best place as this is fairly quiet, maybe the more general subforums are better. b) I've seen a number of complaints about the latest patches not being ported to the console version of KSP... So, yes, it is still if Breaking Ground will be ported to console. :(

Sorry that I don't have better news!

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19 hours ago, MajorFizz31 said:

Didn't squad recently mention that the DLC and update is coming and release date would be soon?

Yes IIRC they did. But please keep in mind that I wrote my comment nearly two months ago...

19 hours ago, MajorFizz31 said:

Still though, do they not want our money?

Not if it costs them more that you are willing to pay them.

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