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[1.7.x] C.E.D.A Aeronautics Division Airplane Parts Pack

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C.E.D.A is honored to announce,


Stockalike Airplane Parts Pack  v1.0

This mod adds a few airplane parts to the game, that include elevons, wings, intakes, engines and more neat stuff!

Test them out for yourself by downloading the mod from the following links:

GitHub: https://github.com/KerboNerd/C.E.D.A-Aeronautics-Division/releases

SpaceDock: https://spacedock.info/mod/2232/C.E.D.A Aeronautics Division Stockalike Airplane Parts Pack v1.0

Also available on CKAN

Required mods:


Module Managerhttps://github.com/sarbian/ModuleManager/releases


There are more parts coming to this pack, so hold on tight!



  1. Place the folders from the downloaded folder into your game's "GameData" folder.
  2. If asked to replace files, do so.


Well know Issues

  • No issues have yet been discovered.


Be sure to dispute any issues regarding the mod here:



Special thanks to:

Zarbon (General Motivation)

Not_Not_F (Part Descriptions)

JadeOfMaar (Part configs)

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question, why is firesplitter required? could it use the firesplitter core mod? Is this some kind dependency that requires a texture from that mod? Only Reason I ask isnt because I hate firesplitter...I just dont have a use for...90% of the parts in it. If thats the case and it needs something specific from the mod...maybe I can do some deleting and just keep whats needed? But Id need to know what those things are :) 

I really like the jet tail fin thing, Im installing now to play around with it now

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