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[1.12.3] Fuji 1.4 (Japanese Crewed Vehicle)


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Fuji (ふじ) was a crewed spacecraft of the space capsule kind, proposed by Japan's National Space Development Agency (NASDA) Advanced mission Research center in December 2001.




Most of those parts was made by @Beale for the Tantares Mod long time ago, deleted later from the mod.

After asked to him, he allow me to remade them with new shader and texture, i've also added more parts with IVA, a new chute and other stuff.

That a really modular and powerful Spacecraft, perfect for Kerbals.

Download :  Spacedock / Github

Development considered completed, this mod will not receive new parts.




Launch Config here :



Mod under  License:  Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)

Changelog :


Fuji 1.4 [2022-07-18]

    - Add Localization config
    - Add French Language

Fuji 1.3.1 [2021-06-25]

    - Fix Waterfall patch
    - 1.12.0 check

Fuji 1.3 [2021-05-16]

    - Fix Waterfall patch
    - Fix Engine atmosphere curve
    - Reduce Engine mass
    - Add Mass to the Orbital Module
    - Add 2 craft files

Fuji 1.2 [2021-01-26]

    - Fix KSP 1.11 Part mass issue
    - Add KSP 1.11 Inventory support
    - Add Waterfall Support
    - Add Inventory Thumbnails
    - Breaking Force review
    - Physics Signifiance Review
    - Max temp review
Fuji 1.1 [2019-10-19]

    - Texture converted to DDS DXT5
    - Engine model updated for KSP 1.8
    - Shader Fix for 1.8
Fuji 1.0 [2019-09-25]

    - Initial upload

Translations :

English  / French 


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9 minutes ago, Cheesecake said:

Very nice mod. :)

@ZorgHow did you build this H-II?


1) BDB LDC engine mount in 2x mode. tweakscaled to 2.5x

2) 2x ReStock skipper engine. Restock Skipper model is based on the LE7 model so its accurate. A custom patch to run LH2 using cryotanks. (there is a optional official CryoEngines restock patch too that will make skipper, rhino and vector LH2 but I wanted different stats)

3) ReStock 2.5m rockomax tanks for the core stage. A 1m tall procedural tank with a green texture from Basic Procedural Textures for the intertank.

4) Decoupler shroud for the interstage.

5) Restock 2.5m trank + NFLV fuel containing truss (tweakscaled) + BDB Vega centre tank and engine mount + BDB RL10 engine.

6) 4x BDB Castor 120 for SRB-A.

Some Nebula decals with custom textures for the flag and text to finish the look :)

The upper stage needs to go into a fairly high lofted trajectory as a single RL10 is quite weak to push this big spacecraft. So it needs some margin to circularise. The real LE-5 would be about 40% more powerful.

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9 minutes ago, Cheesecake said:

@WellDo you have plans to make a H-II/H-IIA/H-IIB?


i think with restock and Bdb you have most of the parts needed for that.

Also irl, Fuji concept was planned to be also launched on European and Russian Launcher if needed

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1 minute ago, nepphhh said:

These are beautiful! What is the license on this mod?

Folllower #8 for this thread :)

Many thanks, just see i've never posted the licence on the first thread, sorry about that.

License: Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)

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1 hour ago, Quoniam Kerman said:

It is really an orbital craft, it doesn't get a lot of delta-V even without an orbital module attached to it. It can do orbbital crew rescue pretty well though.

I could take a look to test and see if some adjustement are needed. Thanks for the review.

That really an orbital spacecraft, i've also see a picture with 2 fuel tank stacked together.

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BEautiful I love it I haven't tried it yet but I will get it for my 1.8.1 ksp install :) It should work right since on GitHub it says 1.8.0 works also in 1.8.1 id assume :) ALso should this work With realfuels and the Stock Configs with out RO? sorry if this has been asked before. I love the flat design of the capsule! I don't like the stock capsule in ksp because it's too tall!

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