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When have you completely, totally, ridiculously broken the game in ways you've never seen before?

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When have you totally destroyed whatever semblance of KSP you had, leading to the most impressive glitches you've ever seen?

Like that one time I somehow messed up changing the gravity setting and accidentally transformed Kerbin into a black and white terrifying mess of a planet, complete with partly invisible Kerbals. Still not sure how that one happened. 

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I was testing some FTL-Egines (Stock mainsail Engine with thrust = 10000000000000000000000000000000000000)

DO NOT go on EVA when travelling very fast and spinning arround, here's why :)







You can do this without hack the Parts (Better Timewarp Mod needed):

  1.  Activate Cheats (no Crash Damage, Ingore Max Temp..)
  2.  Land on Jool
  3.  Make a new physics warp (max. x1000 or higher)
  4.  Physics warp when parachute is deployed (with the x1000 Warp)
  5. The Physics is still x4 but the Lander travells faster and can go underground
  6. the Cheats prevents the Ship from Exploding, but it collides with Jool
  7. Jool shoots the Rocket away with Warp Speeds!
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One day, I decided to delete some debris, and for some reason the game completely froze. I reloaded the ksp, and I was greated with glorious streaks of green across the sky. When I loaded a save, the Kerbal Space Center was not a physical object, but a still image on the screen, the ground was gone, and the screen was covered In translucent static. I got inside the VAB, and the static and the KSC were still on the screen (the UI was still there meaning I could have built a rocket). I went on to delete all saves.

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21 hours ago, DunaManiac said:

There was a time when this extremely weird glich happened where the parts were all messed up, and kerbals were listed as parts in the VAB... very weird.

How about a kerbal as a saved vessel :D

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So sadly i don't have images of this but i swear this happened

So i installed a few mods this was back on 1.12.2 so that was...damn 3 years ago so yeah i don't remember witch mods but i think i had scaterer,EVE and some part mods

So i decided to take these new mods for a run so i took off with a KerbalX to the mun

I arrive there normally just to realize that when im taking off my poddle was gone!...But the engine was there so it just when transparent?

Suddenly a huge rectangle appears where the engine should have been.

what happened afterward?...Well i closed the game so RIP.

I still have a coppy of ksp 2 around so maybe i could toy around with mods seeing if i can get the same results


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