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Unusual engine stutter at high parts count.


Linux (Steam)

1.7.1 making history

1.2.0 breaking grounds

Phenom II 1100T(Tried both with and without performance boosting. No difference.)

16gb ram DDR3 1600mhz (4x4gb)

1060 3gb

SSD(game is on ssd)

RAID10(7200rpm drives)


When this 688 part craft is on the runway it does not cause stutter for me. But if you even turn on one engine, even at 0% throttle, it begins intense stuttering. Right click and wiggle mouse to notice. Turning off the engine(s) will resolve the problem.

https://www.dropbox.com/s/fhau3lhovagb2xf/KB-52 1_7_3_2594 x108 8_3.craft?dl=0


This is a version of the craft with rotary stuff on the front. You will notice the rotors do not cause this stutter when activated, but the engines do.

Prop version: https://www.dropbox.com/s/zqxckt9xit9z8vn/KB-52 1_7_3_2594 helicotper.craft?dl=0

This only needs to be taken to the runway to test.


I'm not expecting this to be fixed. I'm assuming it's a thing with how it's coded or something. But I thought I would bring it up so it might get fixed later. Unless this is just something on my end or I'm missing something.

This also stuttered before the expansions were installed for me. Previous versions of the game stuttered just on the runway with nothing running or in the VAB/SPH. Although making a new save got rid of stutter in the VAB/SPH while not activating settings on parts and the auto stutter on the runway was gotten rid of prior to activating an engine.

Does anyone get the engine stutter in the current game?

Edit: I took off all of the engines and slaped a single one on and it goes away. I think this is from parts count. My question is why does this happen with a single rapier engine with 0% thrust, but not a bunch of rotary blades rotating?! I'm assuming it's the garbage collector, but why with the rapiers and no the rotary blades? Can this be fixed? Is there anything I can do on my end besides reduce parts.

Note: At full 688 parts, with no stutter the game goes at about 5 second real life per in game second. What I assume is FPS lag. With the stutter it takes approximately 15 seconds in real life per in game second. That means a total of 10 seconds of stutter. It, from previous observations, stuttered 5 times in an in game second for me. That means 2 seconds per stutter basically. Just from turning on one rapier with 0% throttle on the runway. That when off produces no stutter and normal 5 second lagginess.

Just replaced the engines with new parts form the fresh game. Didn't resolve it. So, it may still be a thing. The craft file is originally from an older version. Or before I installed the expansions. I'm not sure when I last rebuilt it completely. I have done partial rebuilds in 1.7.3 though. So, the engines were possibly already the newest rendition. The engines are the most likely thing in my build to be swapped out. It's designed to make this as fast and easy as possible.

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