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I just begin to the game


Hi everyone, I just bought that game 2 days ago. It's kinda hard to play because I have a excrementsty labtop, it takes 10 min to start and sometimes I have 10 fps when i'm building a rocket, but except that I have like 50 fps during trips so it's great. I really love this game but I have a few questions:

My rocket are not always very stable. So I searched on youtube and i found a great tutorial. It explained that the center of lift has to be below the center of mass. But I don't really understand what IS the center of lift?  (thanks to that tutorial I landed on the Mun and went back :) because my rocket was flipping during the lift off )

Sometimes I can't turn my rocket, but I think it's because my center of mass was too low, is it possible?

Also, it's kinda hard for me to build an optimised rocket. How do you guys do? I've seen people that use not that big rockets to go on Eve or Duna. My rocket to go on the Mun was good I think, not that big, but I only used the small tanks and the small booster, the ones that fit with the mk1 pod, because I saw that there is way bigger tanks)

Sorry for my english, I apoligize if I don't use the right terms, I hope you can understand me :)

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