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I have way too many star system ideas.

Unless I have somewhere to park them, I'm not gonna get anything done.



So I did this.

This is all my star system ideas.


At one point I might put these into a mod.

The systems:




Oros system


Oros: A brown dwarf with a very fast rotation and a spectral type of T9.

  • Vasten: A hot ocean planet with very stormy weather.





Niravva system


Niravva: A tiny ultracool dwarf of spectral type M8.5V.

  • Phils: A blue gas giant in a short orbit around Niravva.
    • Orsten: Phils's only moon, an asteroid in a tight orbit
  • Veleyer: A dwarf planet rich in rare earth metals and populated by unicellular life on the surface, although the atmosphere is tenuous.
  • Iren: An ice planet on a long and lonely orbit around Niravva, with temperatures plummeting to -258 degrees celsius.




Arkos system


Arkos: A young K-type star that is only 1 billion years old, hence it is quite active.

  • Iren: A small duna-sized rocky planet, quite hot.
  • Etu: A slightly larger rocky planet, less hot.
  • Kal: A super-kerbin with a dusty orange atmosphere.
    • Islen: An ike-sized moon.
  • Urven: A small blue and purple gas giant.
    • Enes: Another boring rocky moon.
    • Aral: A duna-like moon.


This will probably be neverending.


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