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Wreckage investigation contracts

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Hello, first timer in this section of the forum.


I was scrolling  throught the KSP2 features section and in the discussion something went up, about getting money "stealing" other agencies ships. Even if I disliked it, the idea of contracts involving investigation of offworld ships wreackages is appealing. I don't think -a priori- it would be difficult to implement, but I have no idea where to start modding.



- Being able to use scanner arms in "feature parts" that would be special semi-destroyed parts in ships (engines, tanks, capsules). Transmiting the result of the scanning would accomplish the mission.

-Destroyed ships would appear in orbit or on he surface of planets, very much alike rescue missions are now.

-Ships would have multiple parts. (i believe this is the harder to script)

-Kerbals could "take a piece" of the feature parts, like they can do with mun stones.



-A giant derelict ship in orbit of Jool would be freaking cool to see. Getting inside with an explorer would be too much to put in words. <3

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I'm guessing here but I would look into making assets like the scanable items Breaking Ground added - I haven't seen anyone doing anything like that - though GregroxMun has had scatterers on some of his planets (probably requires Kopernicus). You'd need to figure if you could create single instances like the monoliths.

20 hours ago, Fierce Wolf said:

-Kerbals could "take a piece" of the feature parts

Like a flight recorder? That would be neat.


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I think this is a cool idea.  Maybe there could also be a scanner dish that would alert you to unknown wreckage within x distance or on an intersecting orbital path.  Like imagine getting to Eve orbit for the first time and getting a ping of another vessel being there.

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