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Need guidance on making solid rocket motors (and engines in general) in KSP

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Hello, it's been quite a while.

Recently I had the idea of possibly making a mod for KSP surrounding various solid (and possibly hybrid) motors similar to those used on high power rockets. I have successfully been able to produce a 2.5m fuel tank, however upon trying to make a solid rocket motor, I ran into various problems. I followed the same procedure for making the fuel tank, but upon trying to load it into the game, the engine didn't produce thrust and did not produce any plume or exhaust (it did consume whatever resources were in the motor, however). So, I am wondering now what I would need to do differently in order for this to work, and what other sorts of things should I take into account.

I followed this tutorial as posted in another thread: 

I will still try to go through the thread for any other things I may have missed, but I was wondering if anyone had any sorts of tips on where to go or what to do.

In the end, I would like to produce very small parts (and custom effects, like different color exhaust plumes and custom thrust curves) but for now these are just test works in order to get somewhat comfortable with creating parts before jumping into the madness, so to speak.

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Did you add a thrust transform to your engine? I have a dim recollection of needing a FX transform for the plume too - though I think you can use the thrust transform for that if you want. I think the rationale for using a separate transform was that changes to the plume were easier to make without changing the thrust transform. I had put together a number of part "Reminders" with notes, Blender and Unity files for myself and anyone else that might find them useful here:

Best of luck with your parts

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Thanks, I'll be sure to check out both of those resources. Right now Blender is just being weird with UV editing by making certain portions of the map invisible/broken for seemingly no reason. However, I guess I would try to make something simple and see if the modules work.

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