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Steve C.

Real Solar System and SMURFF


I am new to KSP.  Mostly I want to learn more about what goes into building a ship that can get around our own solar system rather than the bogus solar system of kerbal.  So I installed RSS and SMURFF but have had nothing but frustration.  I am playing in sandbox mode and it seems as though I spend all my time trying to find parts that will even fit together rather than enjoying building a rocket and experimenting with what works.  For example, when I use the MK-1 pod, I don't have any parachute that fits the capsule!  When I use the advanced command pod (the one that holds two astronauts), very few tanks will fit together with it. 

Am I doing something wrong or in this mode do I just need to build some sort of housing whenever I join two parts together to make them have the same diameter?



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If you are using only RSS and SMURFF, you should have the complete set of parts from stock KSP (with some adjustments to their performance by SMURFF).  I suspect you have some leftover configuration files, maybe from trying Realism Overhaul or something.

Your GameData folder should have the subdirectories and files below. Any additional files, should only be mods that you know you want.

Kopernicus/ : replaces the planets as KSP starts up
ModularFlightIntegrator/ : used by Kopernicus
RealSolarSystem/ the configuration files to tell Kopernicus where the RSS planets are
RSS-Textures/ : the images to tell KSP what the planets look like
ModuleManager.x.x.x.dll : used by most mods, to cooperate regarding configuration files
ModuleManager.* : some cache files made by ModuleManager, after it has run once

SMURFF/ : a module-manager script to adjust dry masses of tanks and thrusts of engines
Squad/ :  the data-files that set up the stock game as created by Squad

Playing the game, in sandbox, using RSS and SMURFF is somewhat harder than stock KSP.  If you want that, I can imagine it might be hard in a fun way, for you.

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Moved to Tech Support, Modded. 

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