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Salus: A J1407b Analogue [1.7.3]

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Salus: A J1407b Analogue [1.7.3]


What does this mod add?

  • Salus: A large gas giant out past Jool with the largest rings Kerbals have ever seen. It is thought that a close encounter with a rogue planet gave its orbit its inclination, as well as its current ring system. Visit soon, they're not expected to last for much longer. They've already begun collapsing into moons.
    • Dauble: An icy world harboring a subsurface ocean, with plumes spraying out world-wide. Dauble is nested inside Salus's rings, providing quite the skyline.
    • Dulus: A small moon orbiting rather close to Dauble. This flattened moon is collecting material from Salus's rings across its equator forming a massive equatorial ridge. Don't slip!
    • Duran: A captured asteroid that orbits far from Salus, well past its rings. It's inclined orbit gives the best possible view of Salus. Be sure to bring your camera!





Ve9Fq5z.jpgDon't sit on this!




  • Kopernicus

https://spacedock.info/mod/2250/Salus - A J1407b Analogue

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1 hour ago, alberro+ said:

What’s up with Dalys’ north and south poles?!

Honestly I wish I knew. The heightmap must have a white pixel near the poles, or there might have been an issue with a seam that made them. I find them a tad too amusing to remove though.

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