KerbalEdu mission library offline, editor still available

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Because of lack of usage the KerbalEdu mission library has been taken offline. Both the mission library and mission editor have actually been offline for a while now and it seems almost no one has noticed. The mission library was due for quite a big update for the framework the mission library was based on but we didn't see it worth the work to keep the mission library online since not enough people seemed to use it.

All the missions created by users and saved in the library are still safe and backed up. If anyone wants to get their files that were in the mission library feel free to contact us.

The mission editor however was easy enough to decouple from the mission library so decided to do just that and put it back online. It is now available at  However it no longer has the functionality to save missions on the server since that was based on the user accounts in the mission library.

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(as per my Sunday email, the new limited setup is working fine for me) Thanks again for putting the editor back online! (for ;-)

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On 10/20/2019 at 1:43 PM, MarkZero said:

the KerbalEdu mission library has been taken offline

The TGdesk Lessons that use KerbalEdu mission files appear to still show the deprecated Mission Library links.

Consequently, below are direct links to the KerbalEdu TGdesk mission files that go with the TGdesk Lessons (I revised the names & descriptions to better match what you see in TGdesk for the KerbalEDU TGdesk):

Links to the relevant file by TGdesk Lesson: 

"NEWTON'S FIRST LAW OF MOTION" (A_Edu_TGdesk_Newton_First_Law_Out_of_Fuel.sfs)

"NEWTON'S SECOND LAW OF MOTION" (A_Edu_TGdesk_Newton_Second_Law.sfs)

"NEWTON'S THIRD LAW OF MOTION" (A_Edu_TGdesk_Newton_Third_Law_Planes_on_Other_Planets.sfs)

Lessons "ORBITAL MANEUVERING" and "ORBITS AND DOCKING" both use (A_Edu_TGdesk_Orbits_and_Docking.sfs)

Link to see the whole folder

Using the KerbalEDU Mission Editor Tutorial

The EHC lessons & missions links appear to continue to work fine.

Link to Album Showing the Above Revisions


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