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Are there any 1.8 mods that improve how Kerbin/the planets look?


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To be fair, Skedaddle fork broke itself because scatterer uses it's own name in shader keys all over the place.  Renaming them broke...  everything really.  The last commits to try to fix it were outright comical.

It wasn't just the users that made me close up shop.  That mod was just a major code mess (no offense to author, that makes it no less awesome).  I couldn't even manage to rename it without breaking it, so I sorta figured I'd quit before people actually got...  expectations.

As to your question:  No, I am not aware of any beyond simple texture packs.  But give it time.  I know for a fact some day someone will fix scatterer.


Still, thanks for bugtesting it.  I really do appreciate it.


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2 minutes ago, R-T-B said:


Still, thanks for bugtesting it.  I really do appreciate it.


Yeah! It was fun seeing everything break and thinking about how it could be fixed.

If you need any more bugtesting then hmu.

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5 hours ago, zit said:

I can only think of EVE but it needs a config, and SVE doesn't seem to work. And scatterer is broken and tried to be forked into Skedaddle but was shot down. (I predict the same will happen with the new fork of PlanetShine.)

Somehow Matt Lowne got EVE and SVE to work in 1.8???


EVE, SVE and the texture pack for SVE. Make sure you downloaded a texture pack. It should work as long as EVE works, which it does.

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