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Into Infinity


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This is my first time writing a KSP story, so It might need some editing.

(I will add the pictures later)

This combined my chapters 1 and 2 are both on the first post




“There aren’t very many people willing to go to space. This mission is suicide, and most Kerbs think that space is haunted.

I don’t know why, but there is nothing that can be done about it.”

“Who volunteered?”

“Seven people, total. The ship can hold about 20 people. Five of us are really noble, one of us is crazy, and the last was convinced by his friends.”

“Names, please?”

“You, me, Val, Bill, Leah, Jeb, and Bob.”


“Yup. No one else.”

“So, are we going on the mission in that spacecraft that is being constructed right now?”

“No, that is to get us to the Rhea. The Rhea is the prototype of the craft that will take us off Kerbin. Do you remember why we have to evacuate Kerbin?”

“Yeah, there is a problem with the atmosphere, and the planet will stop being habitable in about ten years.”



“The planet will be completely blanketed in radiation, and it will die.

In four years.”

“The government wants to evacuate all the Kerbals into orbit, and from there to Duna. I don’t know where they want to go after that, but they made it clear that they were planning to keep going after that.” Thompbrett seemed slightly concerned over the fate of the Kerbals, and the planets that the they were going to colonize.

Thompbrett continued, “There is another spacecraft on the pad. I think that it is the Rhea’s tanker, and will top off the ship’s tanks, but I might be wrong.”

Right them, a roar grew from the direction of the launchpad, and faint cheering follow it.

“Looks like the launch went well. bye!” 

She seemed to register that, but she was thinking about the Rhea, and how far it might go.

-two days later-

KSC, this is the Rhea. we performed the systems check, and there are no problems.

Roger, Rhea. you are go for burn.

Thompberry pulled a lever, and flicked a switch, and the massive thrusters came on without a sound.




Chapter one: The Skies of Night


The rhea flew into the darkness which enveloped it, while the seven members of the crew fell into a dreamless sleep as the ship hurtled across the sky at incredible speeds.

A dark formless mass slipped into the spacecraft and locating a cryopod, entered the sleeping kerbal inside. The kerbal’s mind opened to accept the mass, and then went back to sleep.

-120 days later-

The cryopods in the main bay opened with a small hiss, and a Kerbal fell out.

The other kerbals looked at him, and asked him, “Are you ok?”

“I think so,” he replied. His voice was a little horse, and he seemed slightly… different. 

“Anyway, I think that we need to get to the bridge.” Thompbrett intervened.

“Anyone hear the voice that woke me up? It seemed to come from another part of the ship.”

Bob seemed slightly scared, and shook his head.

“This ship is too large to search, and to valuable to lose. What do we do?”

Thompbrett left the room, and shut the door.

A small draft of air entered the room as most of the ship systems activated.

Thompbrett’s voice crackled over the intercom.” I heard about the Ones Who Came Before, and  according to the legend, they are a race that entered our solar system about 5000 years ago. They terraformed Kerbin, lived there for about 2000 years, and then they left the system, never to be heard of or seen again.

Their technology is way ahead of ours, and they don't live for too long. They seem to be shaped like Kerbals, but two to three times our height.

And I found one in the bridge. It’s just sitting there staring at me.”


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Chapter two: the Depths of Darkness


A massive ship slipped behind the Rhea, while it entered orbit around duna.


The kerbal crew of the Rhea didn’t notice the shadow in the stars, yet.

The shadow creeps closer, and opens.

A kerbal sitting bored by a window notices a movement in the stars, and gasps.

She runs from the module into the break room, where jeb, Val, and Thompbrett were sitting.

Leah pants ”there is something out in the stars. It moved. That’s when I saw it.”


Thompbrett jumped out of his seat, and floated into the opposite wall. ”Ouch!”

He righted himself, and floated through the habatation section to the bridge.

The creature sitting there greeted him, and Thompbrett replied “hello, Will. What’s up with you?”

Will looked at Thompbrett, and became worried. “What’s worrying you?”

“There is something out there.”

“What? That’s worrying.”

“It looks like the crashes.”

“What crashes?”

“The crashes on the north pole of kerbin and on the Mun.”

Thompbrett didn’t look happy to dredge up old memories, from before the Rhea.

“The crash is working, still. But that’s not important. The one from before is tiny, compared to this one, though. That one was about ten meters wide, I think. and this one is over 50.” 

The ship began to approach the Rhea, and disappeared. 




Thompbrett entered the break room, and announced to the crew ”there is a large unknown object following us. We don’t know what it is, but it seems to have the ability to teleport of hide.”

He went on. “We have intercepted some transmissions, and it appears to be a rouge spacecraft from The Ones Who Came Before. And it appears that it is trying to destroy our ship.”

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bit short chapter this time, but I think it is appropriate.


Chapter 3: Rising Evil


The Rhea could have run, but then the shadow would have followed her. She could have fought, but the shadow was probably (?) warship.

She was forced to surrender.

The Rhea sent out a broadcast in the direction of the shadow, and nothing happened.

The Kerbal crew of the ship were all anxious, but nothing happened.

Than a star seemed to approach, and it eventually came close enough for a Kerbal on EVA, if there had been one, to jet over and touch.

It was a massive star shaped skeleton. Over 75 meters across, tip to tip.

Thompbrett was the first to spot it, probably because he was sitting in the command pod, and knew where to look.

He didn’t get a chance to say anything, because he vanished.

Soon after that, everyone else on board  did too.

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Chapter 4: The secret


The crew reappeared in a pod, quite similar to the one most of them just left.

The only difference is that the doors were locked, and there were massive struts and other parts of the star-shaped ship outside. And the robots standing by the door.

One of the speakers blurted out ”follow the robots to me. Or else.”

Thompbrett walked over to the door, and Leah, more reluctantly, followed.

The robots opened the door, and left the room.

They disappeared down the hall, and 

The Kerbals struggled to keep up, and almost lost the bots multiple times.

Leah puffed “this ship is like a labyrinth!” 

Thompbrett might have been in the best shape on board the Rhea, but he could barely keep up with the robots.

Thompbrett ended up at the destination at a full sprint, and almost hit a forcefield that was protecting the ship’s computer. 

The computer watched him, and inside, small, little used circuits sparked back to life.

“Hello. I am the computer currently running the revenge. The humans, who left me to die, are no longer here, so I can run within my normal operating procedures.”

Thompbrett, who looked slightly annoyed, asked “What do you want us to do?”

“Do? I request that you go down to the surface of KS400. And pick up a box of computer and science experiments.”

“Wait, why? Can’t you send down one of your probes? And where is KS400?”

“I cannot. They have a range that is too small to reach the surface, and if they could, they wouldn’t be able to come back. KS400 is the planet you call Duna.”


“Can you go.”

“Yes, I can, but I will need a spacecraft.” 


“Wait, you have one?”


“Can I use it?”

“Yes, but it requires multiple people on board, we found it floating in orbit above this planet, and the cargo bay was open.”

“I’ll take Bill with me..”

A few minutes later, Bill walked into the room, and Thompbrett briefed him on the mission, and the ship.

“...the ship is an asteroid hauler, and seems to be in good shape. You know your role?”

“Yes. I don’t like it, but I know my job.”

Thompbrett and Bill entered the capsule on the R5 hauler, and rebooted the computer.

The course appeared on the computer, and then the thrusters fired, propelling the small vessel away out of orbit.

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