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I need ideas for a really random space station

Reformed Kerbal Killer


I am building a really random space station and need help to think of ideas for it.

I got the idea off "Matt Lowne "Collaboration station"" (pronounced mat lan)

Don't feel bad if your idea is too ridiculous or has already been logged as an idea.

instead be proud of it. just think: you've managed to make something too ridiculous even for me. or you had a good enough idea for it to already be logged.

BTW, we've got stuff like cat repair droids and lawn mowers, you should find your idea accepted (unless it's not ridiculous enough. then I will make it a bit more interesting.)



died from typing

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I made a mistake
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19 minutes ago, James Kerman said:

Welcome to the forum @Reformed Kerbal Killer,

I've moved your request to gameplay questions and would also like to suggest an orbital amusement park, including a ferris wheel.

I think it is a great idea.

and I could make it fold up into a box for transportation

BTW, I have making history and breaking ground

It would be a bit hard though so it might not be as good as you hope

I tried to get a gif of a kerbal getting plastered to a chair from Gee forces but the url didn't work

wait. maybe... https://gifer.com/en/HcgF


I've already got; robot cats (cat bot 1-4), welding droids (I0-U1-4), the Eiffel tower, a lawnmower, a tractor, a submarine, and each piece can be ejected, then the cat bots replace it with one of the spares, a welding droid destroys the broken part and it's debris, and the space station joins together again.

wait.. you're a moderator? I didn't notice that. (sometimes I have a very short attention span)

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